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Mailbag: Has Gundy or Stoops done more for their program?

Fried food power rankings, three OSU figures you’d have dinner with, and my game day routine.



Robin Ventura seems like he'd be fun to dine with (USATSI)

Robin Ventura seems like he’d be fun to dine with (USATSI)

Welcome back to the mailbag — as always thank you guys for your crazy wonderful questions.

Let’s get to work.

I’m just a purveyor of ideas, The Strip, and this is a brilliant one.

1. Glenn Spencer
2. Larry Fedora (that’s a step up, right?)
3. Can you imagine if Boone just said “screw it” and backed up $10M a year to Stoops’ front door like Texas should have done for Saban and he took it? My goodness.

Fried food power rankings:

1. Chicken
2. Pickles
3. Peaches & Cream (Texas state fair)
4. Snickers (Texas state fair)
5. Ice cream

I feel like I gained five pounds just typing that answer.

That’s a terrific question. Both were in the wilderness when they took over — OU because of John Blake and OSU because Les Miles recruited some characters who would probably make Devon Thomas look sanitary.

I think Gundy has, probably. It’s so easy to look at OSU and point at Boone or even Holder but Gundy is, despite his quirks (or maybe because of them), an amazing program constructor.

There are probably 25 coaches who could have done what Stoops did in Norman, I’mnot sure there are that many that could have done what Gundy did.

Let’s just say Vegas will take bets on whether or not Glenn Spencer even makes the trip back to Stillwater this weekend.

Awesome question. I think you have to pick folks who have the most stories to tell. That’s why you’re there, right? I can meet Desmond Mason or Big Country at a random event (or any home game for BC) but will they have (or tell) a ton of stories? I sort of doubt it.

I’ll go with these three…

Robin Ventura: Childhood hero and seems like he has the best stories.[1. Plus we gave him a Pistols Firing shirt in 2012 at a tailgate and he was kind of into it.]

Mike Gundy: He knows where all the bodies are buried (literally and figuratively).

Kyle Keller: I bet he carries around a little tote bag full of stories from inside GIA.

I’ll provide the vino (lots of it for Gundy).

How much money would it take for a race between the two to happen inside BPS? I’d pay $20 to watch it and $40 if I was allowed to film it.

Actually on a serious note I would pay $40 to watch Freek race Usain Bolt. The latter would win of course but I want to see how close it would be.

Let’s say it’s a 3 PM game. Usually wake up at 7 AM with the kids, go get bagels, discuss play-calling strategy how our week has gone, get home, semi-panic if we haven’t made the Mrs. Pistols video, put the kids down for a nap, make the Mrs. Pistols video and post it.

Turn on the Big 10 game, realize our front lawn is four feet high because I’ve been interfacing with a computer screen all week, look outside, come back to Big 10 game, eat lunch, ask Mrs. Pistols if she’s going to watch the game with me (she usually says yes and watches three plays), hang out with the kids some more, game time…and work until 8 or 9 PM.

That’s what a Saturday looks like at our house.

Nick Saban or Urban Meyer though I think the former is more, um, emotionally stable than the latter.

Marcus because he’ll play more but MY GOSH!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 7.53.04 AM

Hmm..I presume we aren’t counting OU.

Least favorite team: Does the United States Ryder Cup team count? I’ll presume we aren’t counting OU and say Ohio State with little to no conviction. The entitlement per capita there seems off-the-charts high.

Least favorite player: I really dislike Dwight Howard. He’s like Jameis Winston with the difference being that he’s been a pro for like 10 years now. I just think he doesn’t get it at all. I also sports hate Mike Miller so much.

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