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Mailbag Wednesday: Buy the Legoman and who I’d sell Tyreek for

Also, what to expect from OSU hoops and what job does Mike Gundy exit stage right for?




Welcome to the Wednesday Mailbag where I answer Twitter questions, proselytize The Freek, and post as many GIFs as Carson will send me.

Let’s get to it.

I’m bullish on Legoman, I really am. Florida State notwithstanding (and again, the champs!) he’s been immense since the Iowa State game last season in which OSU scored 58 in Ames it has only scored under 30 once (Bedlam).

That’s not always elite for offenses that get the ball as many times as the Pokes — case in point: they posted a 2.1 points per drive mark against FSU — but you’re still giving yourself a chance.

Plus with the mini-handcuffs (that sounds…weird) you have on with No. 4 at QB I’d say he’s doing a dang good job.

Buy, buy, buy!

Have Travis Ford come in and talk about how Missouri State’s defense is pretty similar to the ’85 Bears and “they have a running back who makes Reggie Bush in 2005 look slow and out of shape.”

That’s his wheelhouse.

You guys brought it this week!

My list:

1. Bryce Petty
2. ———–

I’m trying to not be hyperbolic about 1. Tyreek and 2. What I saw from eveybody else on the field on Saturday but it seems like the greatest variance for OSU could come at QB or maybe linebacker. I would trade Tyreek for Petty but I’d have to think about it.

I’m pretty sure anybody else I’d giggle about and hang up the phone.

Florida? We’re about to find out?

A Georgia/Tennessee/Ole Miss/Arkansas/Florida/South Carolina/Auburn uniform.

We’ll find out on Saturday but I think somewhere in the 90 percent range. I really think Gundy might have some PTSD going back to the Wes Lunt reverberations. It might take a 7-star recruit for Gundy to playing another freshman behind center.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Travis Ford Era!

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