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Marcus Smart and Julius Randle had a dunk contest

Marcus Smart and Julius Randle engaged in a dunk contest and it was pretty spectacular.



Marcus Smart and Kentucky frosh Julius Randle apparently had a dunk contest very recently that involved both guys taking off their shirts and doing some pretty incredible things with the basketball.

First thing — this is our point guard.

I didn’t feel like there was anything insane in the video — especially given the hype it was getting online late last night but it was at the very least really entertaining. And since I don’t know what else to say about two shirtless teenagers, here are my top five dunks ranked:

1. Randle side of the goal at 1:00 — !!!
2. Smart side of the goal at 0:38 — that dunk is a joke, it’s so difficult.
3. Randle behind the back at 0:30 — just…sick.
4. Smart double pump at 0:15 — Dominique.
5. Randle between the legs at 0:19 — I’m constantly amazed that the same species of humans I belong to are able to do this.

Also, this is the greatest:

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