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Marcus Smart, gone

Marcus Smart will enter the 2014 NBA Draft.



I’m actually glad he announced this before the season and before the school year started just to lift any unwarranted notions we might have about, gasp, a third year.

Marc Spears of Yahoo has the story:

Smart told Yahoo! Sports that, barring injury, he will enter and stay in the 2014 NBA draft following his sophomore season. “It’s safe to say that if, by the grace of God I’m healthy and everything, this will be my last year at Oklahoma State,” Smart said after USA Basketball’s mini-camp practice Tuesday at UNLV. “Nothing will change my mind on that. [Oklahoma State] understands. They didn’t figure I was coming back this year. They were just as surprised as everyone else.”

Some interesting words, for sure. I’m sure he didn’t mean it like this but it really sounds kind of like “hey, you guys are lucky to have me for even two years!” Which….we kind of are…but still, I don’t feel like you say that.

Either way, I hope everybody understands what Travis Ford has put together this season in Stillwater and supports it accordingly because we might not see it again for a long, long time.

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