Mark May’s Logic is Illogical

Written by Matt Amilian

I believe ESPN is unjustly bashed at times, so I typically avoid criticizing them as a whole because I think they do a lot of things right. I really don’t care how much they cover Tebow. They’re not the sports media giant by accident. They know what people want to will watch and they cash in on it. I mean, I just went off on a Tebow tangent for a post on a Mark May comment.

Back to the video and I apologize for opening some closed wounds. Mark May absolutely thinks Oregon should have been considered for the BCS National Championship because they went undefeated in regulation. Undefeated in regulation…sounds familiar. Seems like he only chooses to apply his logic when it backs up his agenda.

  • Amen.

    • Mark J.

      The difference is that Oregon passes the “eye” test. 🙂

  • I’m just wondering why, once Notre Dame was the only undefeated team, Alabama was just assumed to play for the NC, and it was as if Oregon wasn’t even considered, even though I think both have a reasonable argument to play.