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Markel Brown joins Byron Houston on an exclusive list



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

On Saturday, Markel Brown became the second OSU basketball player ever to tally the following career totals:

200 assists
100 steals
75 blocks

The only other person to do that was the player I still think is the best of the Sutton/Ford era, Byron Houston.

Here’s a look at their career numbers.

Byron Houston

Points – 2,379
Rebounds 1,189
Assists – 209
Steals – 159
Blocks – 222

Markel Brown

Points – 1,036
Rebounds – 388
Assists – 202
Steals – 100
Blocks – 77

I know Markel still has a year left but this kind of puts into perspective the ridiculous four-year ride Byron Houston went on in the early 90s. Granted, they play totally different positions…

Markel does have a chance to become the first ever OSU player with the following career line though:

1,500 points
500 rebounds
300 assists
150 steals
100 blocks

And what a complete career that would be.

h/t to the Oklahoma for pointing this out.

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