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Marking History



It has become rather difficult these days to capture anything: a thought, an idea, a memory. We fire off tweets as if we’re emptying shells at a skeet shooting range and if I had a dollar for every blog post I’ve written in the last year, I might be able to do this as a full time job (okay, maybe a hundred dollars).

That’s why I’m so proud of the guys over at the O’Colly for putting together this gorgeous book that draws in every play from the 2011 OSU football season as well as all the quotes and an innumerable consternation of thoughts into an organized, relevant, consumable 168-page anthology.

The guys (and gals) of the O’Colly compiled all their work from last fall (all the columns, articles, predictions and reviews) and culled it together with some terrific photography to bring you this $20 souvenir (that’s like two foam fingers!)

[I guess this is the point at which I should mention that my name is also included in here along with a couple of columns but I promise that’s not why I’m telling you to purchase. If you want those columns that badly, you can just email me for them.]

When I look back at this period of time in a few decades, I’m going to remember this season and I’m going to want to mark it by the people and games who made it what it was. This book does a fantastic job of that. But I’ll let the creators of it tell you themselves…

Anthony Slater (sports editor): The entire production is what I enjoyed the most. Me, along with our designer Gerrardo Diaz (who did an incredible job), had to go week-by-week, game-by-game through the entire season. It allowed me to fully grasp how special this year really was, and allowed me to bring it to the readers. Twenty years from now, I’m going to enjoy flipping through the pages, looking at the great pictures, rereading some incredible stories and reminiscing about these players and this team. And I think any OSU fan who buys the book will do the same.

KT King (sports photographer): One thing that as struck me the most about the book was the perspective it gives just by flipping through its’ pages. You see the highs of the final victory in College Station and the Fiesta Bowl win, placed right by games you might have completely forgot about, like the Tulsa game. Flipping through the pages and remembering the things you felt going into every game has been what will keep it on my shelf forever.

Brendon Morris (sportswriter): It’s awesome to see a review of the season all wrapped up in one book with no detail spared, and even better when you think about how it was constructed. It was put together by hard working editors, some of the best photographers around and writers who made press conferences and open practices fit into their class schedules. We are just as excited about it as the next person, because not only did we enjoy the season and the book-making process, but we also know how much sweat and hard work was put into it. We’re proud to present something that we hope will bring joy to every Oklahoma State fan that gets the chance to flip through the pages.

James Poling (sports writer): My favorite part of the book is the photos. A picture says a thousand words, and this book does that for the 2011 Oklahoma State season. It is something people will pick up when they see it on countertops.


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