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Marshall’s Notebook: Leftovers from OSU’s Big 12-Opening Win

Tylan Wallace and Chuba Hubbard both possess the ability to float.



[Photo via Bruce Waterfield, Oklahoma State Athletics]

It’s been anything but traditional Cowboy, football, but the Pokes are 2-0.

Oklahoma State beat West Virginia 27-13 on Saturday in Boone Pickens Stadium. I left free 10 thoughts here, but here is my full-game notebook.

  • These uniforms. Man. It’s easy to say “these should be their uniforms all the time.” Usually that is because people like new things. But with these, it’s real.
  • Shane Illingworth getting the start is the right call, in my opinion. If Spencer Sanders was more of a pocket passer, maybe you give him a shot. But movement is a big part of Sanders’ game. Give him an extra week with the ankle.
  • OSU’s first play from scrimmage, a moonshot of a post to Dillon Stoner. It was incomplete, but sheesh. It looks like OSU’s staff has plenty of confidence in Illingworth.
  • No runs on OSU’s opening drive, an interesting strategy that I assume won’t hold up. (It didn’t OSU finished with 41 carries and 22 pass attempts.)
  • This didn’t look comfortable:
  • Without checking the record books, that was the fastest first quarter in football history.
  • Rodarius Williams has been absolute nails when WVU has gone at him early.
  • LD doesn’t allow his hype to go away after one week. What a run, and it’s really cool he capped it off with the cabbage patch, a Thurman Thomas shoutout.
  • Was Tyren Irby celebrating early or out of gas? Hard to tell, but six points are six points.
  • A fun stat after that scoop-and-score:
  • If this was boxing and I was in Jarret Doege’s corner, I would throw in the towel. He is getting drilled.
  • Tulsa missed a field-goal attempt last week, and now the WVU holder muffs the snap. What sorcery does Jim Knowles know?
  • OSU isn’t defending slant routes well thus far. It’s open with linebackers blitzing. It’s something I assume gets fixed at the half.
  • I was a little worried how this would look when it had it’s covering on, but it looks good.
  • Is OSU trying to run out the clock midway through the third quarter?
  • There haven’t been a ton of second-half notes because not a lot has happened in the second half.
  • An absolute freak
  • After questioning whether Chuba Hubbard and LD Brown should split stuff 50/50, this run cooled that hot take a little bit. The way he floated over that hand at his ankle defied physics.

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