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NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas TechPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

A collection of my favorite quotes from the OSU guys at Big 12 media day.

Joseph Randle

On naming Lunt the starter:

I knew who had a great spring, but we didn’t know if they was bold enough to really do it

Come on, Joe, you do realize you’re working with a guy who dropped triple-digit F-bombs on a nationally televised sports program 11 months ago, right? And you don’t know how bold he is yet?!

On Lunt:

I’m not trying to say nothing, but it looks very similar to how it looked last year (with Weeden).

So you ARE trying to say nothing…

Cooper Bassett

On Bedlam 2011:

We had people come up and say that their 60-year-old parents were boo-hooing after the game because it meant so much to them. And it’s just neat because it’s genuine.

Lane Taylor

On Lunt:

He’s not really a guy that gets choked up under the pressure or caught up in the hype or anything.

Really, the only person I can think of that gets choked up under pressure is Adam Morrison.

Mike Gundy

On Lunt:

I haven’t seen him in six weeks, eight weeks. I haven’t really spent a lot of time around him. We’re not allowed to. So I’m looking forward to getting somewhat reacquainted with him the first weeks in August.

Oh, those first-few-weeks-of-school flings. Magic.

On his coaches:

We’ve had tremendous continuity with our coaching staff.

Have we?

Follow up:

Well, continuity is probably not the best word. I guess cohesiveness in our willingness to work together, and whenever we have a turnover like that with coaches, that’s a good thing.

Continuity, cohesiveness, both polysyllabic words that describe teams and start with the letter “C”, get out of my face, we’re the Big 12 champs.


On playing OSU:

It’ll probably be similar to the way it was back in 2000, when Coach (Mike) Leach left Oklahoma and went to Texas Tech.

Yes, I believe it will be pretty much exactly like that. I love that Dana sees his destiny and embraces it.

And how about this jewel of a question from, I believe, Berry Tramel to Mike Gundy about his receivers…

You said you’d like three or four guys to combine and give you what Blackmon gave you, but behind Blackmon last year, the last two years, you’ve had three or four guys that put up really good numbers behind him. So if you got three or four those guys are now doing Blackmon’s numbers, do you have to find seven or eight guys to do what those three or four guys did the last two years?

WHAT? Can a brother get a TI-83 up in here?

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