Mike Boynton Explains Postgame Boxing Gloves after WVU Win

Written by Phillip Slavin

After the Cowboys huge 88-85 victory over West Virginia in Morgantown on Saturday, head coach Mike Boynton made his way around the visitor’s locker room celebrating with his team.

The jubilation was fitting, well-deserved and included Boynton’s trusty teaching tool, a pair of Everlast boxing gloves.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the gloves and based on the way Boynton talked about them in a Monday interview with Stephen Hartzell and Wes Durham on “College Sports Now,” they perfectly fit this team.

“I just wanted something for our team to have something to focus on. I know how difficult this league is night in and night out. I didn’t want my team to focus on the big picture. The NCAA tournament or how far we can go, or what the prognostications are for whether we can have success or not. I really wanted them to just focus on one round at a time. It’s a heavy weight bought, every single game. Whether we’re at home against Texas or whether we’re on the road against West Virginia or Kansas. Every team presents different challenges. And we’re going to take some hits, so we’ve got to try and protect ourselves as much as possible. But we’ve got to be ready to deliver some blows if we’re going to have success. You can’t stand on your heels, you gotta play in attack mode as much as possible. I think the boxing gloves just give us a symbolic tone for what that mentality is. That’s the way we’ve played the last couple of weeks.”

I think that perfectly describes the mentality of this team and their coach — fighters. They have to fight in games and fight for wins. Nothing comes easy for this team. Every contest a brawl and if they don’t fight through every round, they won’t claim the W.

Boynton also talked about the influence of his favorite boxer in his life, senior Jeffery Carroll, the difficulty of playing in the Big 12, the flight back to Stillwater after the upset victory, and more.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, listen to the full interview.

I hope to see a fan or two in the student section in full boxing attire at the next home game, or at least rocking some boxing glove. I really just hope to see fans at the game on Wednesday, to help give this team a fighter’s chance to make the NCAA tournament.

  • Pistol Pete’s Bandana

    i have just noticed it in the Kansas and Baylor games but does Mike Boynton drink whatever color Gatorade the opponents team is? vs KU he drank blue and baylor he drank the yellow one.

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