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Mike Gundy Calls Transfer Portal ‘Dangerous’

Gundy, again, calls for changes to NCAA’s transfer rules.



Mike Gundy and the transfer portal have had a rocky relationship since the latter came to be, and not much has changed.

In a Big 12 coaches’ teleconference Tuesday morning, Gundy reiterated his longtime stance on the matter.

“It’s religion, politics and the portal,” Gundy said when asked about the pros and cons of the portal. “I don’t even think it’s worth commenting on, because you’re gonna get such a mixed reaction from people.

“I don’t think anybody knew the direction it was going when it was put in place. I think it’s a dangerous thing. I think there are a few things that are positive, but I think the majority of it is danger unless the NCAA changes the opportunity for coaches to manage roster numbers.” [NewsOK]

Gundy’s main point of not being able to refill scholarship spots is a valid one. FBS teams get 25 scholarships to dish out a year, but if a player transfers, that player’s spot essentially disappears. That leaves teams 25 scholarships to fill out a recruiting class at a loss depending on how many players transfer away. FBS teams are allowed 85 scholarships in total, but that can be a hard number for some to get to when constantly going in the negative because of transfers.

It’s an issue that will surely be addressed in the coming years, as it was probably hard to project the mass amount of transfers since the portal’s start.

It’s not an OSU-specific issue, either. There are 62 quarterbacks on 247’s rendition of the transfer portal. Transferring looks to be as easy of a process as ever, as nine of the Top 10 quarterback transfers have been deemed immediately eligible.

Despite his issues with the portal, Gundy has had plenty of run-ins with it to this point. By my account, and in no particular order, here is what Gundy has had to deal with in transfers since the start of last season:

Player Name From To
John Kolar Oklahoma State Iowa State
Keondre Wudtee Oklahoma State Northern Arizona
Arlington Hambright Oklahoma State Colorado
Darrion Daniels Oklahoma State Nebraska
Patrick Macon Oklahoma State South Florida
Thabo Mwaniki Oklahoma State Houston
Za’Carrius Green Oklahoma State Unknown
J.D. King Oklahoma State Georgia Southern
Jalen McCleskey Oklahoma State Tulane
Baron Odom Oklahoma State Unknown
Jordan McCray South Alabama Oklahoma State
Israel Antwine Colorado Oklahoma State
Kyle Junior Bowling Green Oklahoma State


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