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Mike Gundy Compares Recruiting to Selling Vacuum Cleaners



Mike Gundy doesn’t love playing Bedlam in December (it’s November 28 this year), and he actually has a very good reason. Bob Stoops disagrees. The reason Mike Gundy doesn’t want Bedlam to be played in December is because when you play Bedlam in December it eats into a two-week recruiting period the NCAA provides.

“When we have the open date on Thanksgiving and we play, I think it’s good for our conference,” said Gundy. “I think it’s good for the state. It makes for an interesting game, but it doesn’t tie in with the NCAA’s recruiting calendar.”

He’s right about it being good for the conference and for the state. Bedlam has determined whether one of the teams would play for or win three of the last five Big 12 titles.

“They give us, let’s say 14 days, to recruit prior to the dead period in December.”

Here we go…

“If you are selling a product to earn a living, and you had to do that to pay the bills, if someone came to you and said ‘Hey, you only have 14 days to sell vacuum cleaners,’ it would concern you.”

It would, definitely.

“That’s really what happens, and that’s really the only way for me to answer that question. If they adjusted the recruiting calendar to fit championship games in other leagues and fit what our league’s trying to do, it’d be good. It just doesn’t fit with the way the recruiting calendar is. So, the risk is not good.

“Somebody is going to see these guys. That’s a contact period. They’re seeing them face-to-face, and we’re not there unless we decide to just go out and recruit and not be prepared for our game that week. That’s my only concern about it. Other people will say, ‘Well, if you’re winning, it doesn’t matter.’ Well, it does matter. It’s not as easy as they think.”

One of the biggest issues with college football these days is the lack of consistency across and within conferences. That teams playing towards the same thing (CFB Playoff) can play a different number of conference games at different times is the silliest.

That applies here. Also, do you think Gundy would be good at selling vacuum cleaners?

If you think about it, sir, the way a vacuum works is a lot like how life works. You can move it all around and use it with great force but it’s going to be inackrut unless it’s on. You always gotta be on. Our vacuums last for a long time and perform without much effort.

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