Mike Gundy Inexplicably Blames Cell Phone Usage For College Football Parity

Written by Kyle Porter

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I believe Mike Gundy is blaming Apple for all that parity in college football. You know … alllllll that parity (two coaches have won seven of the 10 titles since smart phones became a thing).


Anyway, on Monday, Gundy blames smart phones on the parity. Really. Watch the whole thing.

“The players we coach who come in,” said Gundy. “They’re not like guys we coached 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago. Your generation spends all their time looking all their time looking at their phones. My generation spent all their time in the front yard playing games so they were more ready to go into college athletics. They understood the dynamics of it.”

Just over 40 days ago, this is what he said about high school players.

“I think [freshmen come in more equipped] than ever,” said Gundy. “Like [Dillon] Stoner, the program he comes out of has won 19 state championships in a row or how many ever they won. He played corner, he’s punted, he’s kicked off, he held one time when he wasn’t kicking, and he played wide-out. So when he comes in, he’s ready made.

“And, lastly, the training these juniors and seniors in high school are getting, is a lot like what we got when we were in college. They have personal trainers, they’re getting information on nutrition, strength, conditioning … they’re coming and showing up at campus like we used to coming off summer. We’re at the pool chasin’ chicks all summer and we showed up in August to try and get in shape. These guys show up in June and they’re ready to play.”

So it has to be one or the other, right? It can’t be both phones cause parity but players are more ready. This makes zero sense. The logic to make this work is staggeringly difficult. This was quite funny though.

Also, I do get what he’s saying about parity. At the upper end, there is no parity (as you can see above). But games against lower-tier teams (i.e. Kansas and Iowa State) aren’t as easy for the best teams to win as they used to be.

But do you see what Gundy is insinuating here? His reasoning is because, what, the best players for the best teams are on their phones thus allowing the lesser players on lesser teams to catch up?? His actual statement a month ago about players developing earlier is the actual reason for parity (inasmuch as parity is a thing).

The incentive to play college football (and be good at it) is higher than ever, and players are working towards that at an earlier age. There are more good players to fill out close to the same number of rosters, thus parity.

Also, I blame Gundy. Get off your phone, coach!

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  • Mark

    I don’t understand this post. I must be missing something. It continually makes reference to something Gundy said regarding cell phones but doesn’t actually quote or hyperlink what he said, therefore I don’t understand the context.

    • Adam M.
    • OrangeTuono

      Porter is trying really really hard to come up whigh then traps him

      Uses “blame” instead of “enable”, which plays well to a lot of our negative fan base.

      It’s simply a “young” approach – something is wrong, insinuate guilt/blame, and miss any opportunity to have a mature discussion on parity.

      IF parity was the topic (which might not be the case) there are a few obvious factors missing:
      – population growth leading to …
      – increasing pool of D1 caliber athletes
      – increasing number of 5/6A schools w large scale high caliber athletic programs and facilities, trainers
      – many to many media (internet) like Facebook, hudl.com, even PFB
      – almost unlimited TV opportunities. No reason to be 4th string at OU or UT when you will get to show your stuff at any D1 program

      PFB is still one of the best Cowboys football coverage sites.

  • BrianHD79


    • Shaniqua Boogi

      You need to surf harder.

  • stepdaddy

    This is the type article you feel a little dumber after reading. Kyle you are becoming a major league homer. Even Robert Allen would be proud. You are already preparing excuses for Kansas. That’s pathetic. Nobody with talent this team has to worry about Kansas except Medicore Mullet.

    • Clint

      I can’t speak for Kyle, but I would guess anyone who runs a blog called “Pistols Firing” would almost certainly be a homer. I’m a homer. Most fans are homers. And how in the world is this article preparing excuses for KU? Odd…

  • Coach

    It sounded to me like he was saying that players are more physically ready these days but don’t have the game aptitude that players did in his day.

    • Mark

      Yes I agree, and I’m not sure how much that can be disputed. He didn’t express that thought clearly, but that was the thought I feel, and I agree with him.

  • Clint

    I’ve listened to every minute of every Monday press conference for 3 years and this was one of the most Gundy-esque comments EVER!! This: “My generation spent all their time in the front yard playing games so they were more ready to go into college athletics.” Is. Great. Playing football in the front yard prepares you for college-level football?!?!? That’s so preposterous! But, it’s also incredibly funny…so I’m good with it…