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Mike Gundy is the 11th-highest paid coach

Mike Gundy is paid like one of the best coaches in the country.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

USA Today came out with its annual college football salary database today and Mike Gundy is the 11th highest paid coach in the country.

And he’s actually probably higher because of the way USA Today calculated the numbers.

Either way he makes $3.45 million to tell kids what to do with a piece of leather filled with air.

That’s $287,500 a month
That’s $66,346 a week
That’s $9,452 a day
That’s $393 an hour

While you were reading this Mike Gundy made $20.

He’s also the third-highest paid coach in the Big 12 behind Mack Brown ($5.4 million) and Bobby Stoops ($4.8 million).

Other fun notes:

• Gundy has the lowest “max bonus” of anybody in the top 12. Shouldn’t he have one of the highest (assuming these max bonuses are performance-based)?

• Why does Kevin Sumlin make $300 in “other pay”?? What is that?

• Top 25 LOLs: Kirk Farentz (No. 9), Tommy Tuberville (No. 15), Dana (No. 24), and Lane Kiffin (No. 25).

• I’m guessing that $1.85 million for Kliff will be long gone quite soon. He’ll be top 20 in the next two years.

• Of those in the top 11 here they are ranked by conference titles for each (in the conference they’re currently in):

1. Stoops (7)
2. Saban (3)
3. Strong (2)
3. Farentz (2)
3. Mack (2)
3. Les (2)
7. Gundy (1)
8. Hoke (0)
8. Urban (0)
8. Jones (0)
8. Bielema (0)

Also, for fun, here’s Gundy’s progression since 2006. Big boy stuff (he started at $800,000 which would be 77th in today’s rankings!)

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 2.58.59 PM

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