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Mike Gundy Reimburses Host of The Sports Animal Who Lost Money Betting on OSU

Mike Gundy stepped up and covered



Prior to the start of an enigmatic 2018 season, WWLS The Sports Animals’ Spinozi (AKA Ron Benton) made a bet that Oklahoma State would win more than eight games. It was not exactly a long shot since Cowboys had his double digit wins in six of the previous eight seasons.

Unfortunately for Spinozi, who co-hosts The Morning Animals, the Cowboys stumbled, swayed and meandered to a 6-6 finish and can only hope for seven victories if they can get a win over Missouri on New Year’s Eve in the Liberty Bowl.

Mike Gundy doesn’t like to see support of his team go unrewarded. And he likes to see a chance for some publicity pass by him even less. The No. 11 highest-paid coach in America took the chance to thank him for his support and reimbursed Spinozi for his wager. He also included this hilarious hand-written letter.


I have many H.S. buddies who consume way too much alcohol, which leads to listening to talk radio. The rumor is you bet on our team and lost your money. We came up short so I thought the manly (51) thing to do is reimburse a guy for believing in our TEAM!

Thanks for your loyal support!

Your favorite coach, Mike Gundy.

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