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Mike Gundy Reveals His 2019 New Year’s Resolution

Gundy says he “went straight to the whiskey” (jokingly?) during the up-and-down season.



During Sunday’s pre-Liberty Bowl press conference, Mike Gundy had quite a bit to say and most of it was at least interesting if not buzzworthy.

The topics of discussion ranged from his polarizing OC Mike Yurcich and what might be his curtain call at OSU, to prep for Missouri and even finally addressing a certain OSU record setter and Pittsburgh QB’s glove size.

But the presser ended with this fun exchange between Gundy and The Oklahoman‘s Jenni Carlson, which was both hilarious and possibly a bit telling.

Gundy was asked if he had any New Year’s resolutions with just two days remaining in 2018.

“New Year’s resolutions?,” asked Gundy “Let’s think about that. Well I don’t smoke. Let’s see. I don’t drink tall boys.”

“Maybe you should start.”

“No doubt.”

“To go along with the article I think you’re writing, there were times this year that I went straight to the whiskey. I didn’t even go to the tall boys. No, I love my players.”

But Gundy got serious and, as he is prone to, turned the attention back on his program’s culture and its players.

“For me, I think to be the best person that I can be and provide for our team and make sure that 200 people in our organization: players, coaches, administrators, families, have the best experience they can have and hopefully we can instill in our players every year the importance of what it takes to be in our Cowboy culture, to graduate from Oklahoma State, to be productive and go out in the world and take care of yourself, be a man.

“If you choose to marry and have a family, take care of your wife, take care of your kids. Get a job, work your ass off, and be a productive citizen. That’s more important to me than a lot of things. Not to discredit. We want to go out there and play our butt off and have a heck of a game tomorrow.”


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