Mike Gundy Throws On Singlet To Promote OSU-Penn State Dual

Written by Kyle Porter

This is your weekly reminder that this man makes $300,000 a month and is a state treasure. Mike Gundy recently tossed on a singlet to help promote the OSU-Penn State wrestling dual this weekend in Gallagher-Iba Arena. He is almost 50 years old. And he’s wearing a singlet and drinking out of a Big Daddy coffee mug. I love it all.

The other video he made will get lost, but it is also amazing.

  • Whoa!

    That is all kinds of awesome!!!

  • Mark

    With the gold chain no less.

  • CD

    Looks like that’s a picture of him in his Monroney singlet as well. Go T-Birds!

  • CowPoke

    Mike Gundy is the best. The best.
    The only thing that might top this is John Smith rolling out in full pads in the spring game and laying out Hill on a tackle.

  • Eddie Mann

    Gundy was a pretty salty wrestler himself, back in the day.

    • Stepdaddy

      Was his signature move the fetal position?

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. All joking aside, I appreciate the fact that he is supporting the wrestling program.

      • Mike Gundy :)

        No, Stepdaddy. It wasn’t.

        • StillOriginal

          Tell em Mike, Cause you are bigdaddy!!!

          • David Redfern

            I bleed Sooner red but thanks Coach Gundy for supporting the wrestlers. I will root for them as I do except in bedlam. Coach Mullet you are to be admired, take care of our Bulldog.. MR. Rodriguez.. Looking for some of his hits to be highlight material.
            SOONER Born.

  • StillOriginal

    Mike Gundy is lowkey hilarious!

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Illustrates the reason that I NEVER want him gone…. I just want his ego in check in dealing with his staff (we could still have Wickline and Meacham) and his balls out of his wife’s purse or wherever he keeps his singlet on game day!!!

  • OSUchic

    I love it! How many 50 yr olds would wear that?!!

  • Patrick, Orlando

    This is why I hope he’s around when my boy comes to okay there

  • Common Sense

    God I love this man. A damn legend!

  • PythonPoke

    So funny… I really want to know how this concept even started.

    “Mike, will you do a promo for the wrestling team this weekend?”

    “Sure, I’ll have my singlet on for Valentines Day anyway. Let’s just film it then!”

  • Wimbo

    This is full on Gundy Badger at its finest. Love it.

  • reformedsooner

    Talkin’ ’bout chest hair
    Talkin’ ’bout crazay cool medallions

  • Sonny

    Gundy has become Kevin Spacey’s character in American Beauty. His “give a sh~t” has long been broken and it’s pure entertainment.

  • Stepdaddy

    A poster of Gundy in a wrestling singlet would sell like crazy! Make it happen OSU marketing department.

  • Big Daddy

    Well, Hollywood won’t come calling anytime soon . . . . .

    • He stole your coffee mug.

      • Sid

        I knew a Big Daddy once. Played some pitch with him.

  • FUN FACT: In State College they just call it “horseplay”

  • Sid

    I’d love to see one of these with Hart Lee Dykes.

  • DBB
  • I not only get the feeling that Gundy reads Breitbart, but also comments over there. There is something slightly unhinged in his personality.

    • POISON66

      Better at Breitbart than some libtard site like Huffington post or Daily Beast. His personality is hilarious

  • Guest

    Shaping the minds of America’s youth, that’s what Big Daddy Gundy does here every day, no need to set your kid in front of the radio at 2:00 PM or second rate OKC fox television sports shows on Sunday nights at 9:00. No, No, No send them to Big Daddy Gundy and they will LEARN from a morally sound human being I might add.