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Mike Gundy Went Fishing With Spencer Sanders, and it Sounds Hilarious



There are many, many jokes and analogies to be made about Mike Gundy taking Spencer Sanders fishing on his farm/ranch in Stillwater, but the actual story of Gundy and Sanders holding poles and, uh, not talking is better than all of them.

“I know one thing (Sanders) is good at, he’s good at fishing,” said Gundy. “He spent two and a half hours fishing on my ranch on his official visit here. I went out to fish with him, and he had his tackle box on his back. He was going from different pond to pond. I walked up and tried to fish next to him because I was still trying to recruit him and be nice and all that.

“He kept going away from me. You know how real fishermen don’t want to be around you when you’re fishing. I’d follow him around. Then I realized he was trying to get away from me in a nice way. We spent an hour and a half fishing on three different ponds on my ranch, and he never said a word to me. He just kept moving away from me. Finally I just left him alone.”

So what did he do when you told him his 48-hour recruiting period was over, Mike?

Can you imagine this entire scene playing out? It would be like every bad chick flick dating movie you’ve ever seen, which I suppose isn’t all that far off from what college football recruiting is.

Gundy went on to say that Sanders went to the front of his house and fished out there as his parents were leaving so he could be picked up on the way out.

Good stuff, for sure, but if Sanders is half as good as OSU’s two previous famous fishermen (both wideouts), then Cowboy fans are in for one of the more spectacular careers in recent memory.

“He’s very humble,” added Gundy. “For all the awards and things that he’s received, he never says a word. Very humble.”

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