Mike Gundy’s Lost Dog Was Found by a Professor at UCO

Written by Kyle Boone

Mike Gundy’s dog apparently got loose in Stillwater on Tuesday, and a professor from UCO — a die-hard UCO Bronchos fan — found him.

When the professor called the number on the dog tag on the leash as any normal person would, none other than the mulleted man himself answered the call. Here’s the story from a student of the professor as posted to Twitter.

So my biology teacher lives in Stillwater and commutes to UCO each morning to teach, this morning as she was driving a dog was sitting in the middle of the road so naturally she picked it up and since she was running late just took it to school with her to keep in the office. When she called the number on the tag Mike Gundy answered. So she has his dog in her office with a UCO bandana tied around its collar.

Gavin Gundy, Mike’s son, commented on the tweet and essentially confirmed the now viral story.

Fortunately the Gundy family donkey named Blackjack wasn’t a part of the dog’s runaway attempt, which might’ve proved to be challenging for a professor in an SUV. Even more fortunate: the dog seems to be in good hands.

  • Forever 14

    Where I live, lost dogs aren’t a problem. Coyotes are though.

    • Sonny

      I can’t walk out my front door right now after dark without carefully looking in all directions for the bears. Generally, they’re not really a problem. You leave them alone. They leave you alone. Occasionally we butt heads over the trash. But it would be all too easy to carelessly step out between a sow and her cubs.

      • Logan Ira Schultz

        Where do you live that bears are a problem?

        • Sonny

          I split time between Colorado and Broken Arrow.

          • Darth

            It’s true, the bears in BA are really out of control these days.

        • GeoPoke


  • Ben Crouch

    A weiner dog!!! Hell yes

  • Gundy, ever the Optimist

    Hope he enjoys his new camo doggie bowl from Camping World…

    • GeoPoke

      I’m sure he will.

  • Gundy, ever the Optimist

    Hope he enjoys his new camo doggie bowl from Camping World…

  • okstate4life

    If only his balls could be found as easily…..