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Mike Leach Throws Shade at Mullets, Makes Exception for Mike Gundy

All the LOLs.



“Beards are cool. Mullets are bad.”

Those were the words that accompanied a meme former Wazzu and current Mississippi State coach Mike Leach posted to his Twitter account on Thursday. (It’s unclear why he did. But then again, it’s unclear why he posts half the stuff on his Twitter to begin with.)

Nonetheless, it’s funny content. And also … shots fired at Mike Gundy, Mr. Mullet himself?

Not so fast, says Leach. Gundy is the exception.

“Mike Gundy is the exception,” says Leach. “His mullet is grandfathered in over time. It is an iconic symbol of Oklahoma State.”

I’m glad whatever fake beef that would’ve come from this meme has been settled. I’ll bet Gundy is, too. Few years back, he was asked about who would win if college football coaches got into an all-out brawl, and Gundy quickly let out Leach’s name.

“The guy you have to watch out for is Mike Leach because he’ll have a sword,” said Gundy. “If Leach has a sword, he knows how to use it. He’s been trained and is very talented with a weapon. He’d be a tough guy to beat.”

All the LOLs. As much as I wish Gundy and Leach would get into a feud, let’s face it, they’re both far too amicable as humans. Which is too bad. At least we’ll always have this:



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