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Missouri State fans dyed OSU’s library fountain maroon

Not the best idea ever.




Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.36.28 AM

It doesn’t seem like the best idea to piss off a team your coach just said was “faster than Florida State” but that’s exactly what a group of Missouri State fans (students?) did on Thursday evening.

They turned the fountain in front of the Edmon Low Library maroon in honor of Saturday afternoon’s clash with the Cowboys.

I guess if you’re operating under the “they’re gonna beat us by 100 anyway” theory then who cares but, well, let’s just say Tyreek is going to get 2-3 more carries than he would have.

Or at least I hope he does.

Mike Yurcich — who says he lets other people monitor how many touches Tyreek gets — your thoughts:[1. Also I just realized there are some actual similarities between Yurcich and Buster, which is disturbing on many levels.]

Also, I found this to be quite funny.

h/t Matt Fletcher

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