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Bullets: Missouri State’s coach thinks OSU is faster than FSU

The Joe Mixon stuff is terrible, what will Ogbah do to the Bears (?!), and Gundy talks about the season going forever.





Once an employee spilled 20 gallons of coffee down a freight elevator and the entire freight smelled of coffee perfumes for weeks following the incident. (O’Colly)

Missouri State’s coach: In my opinion, they looked faster than Florida State. That in a nutshell scares you to death.” (NewsOK)

I like Yurcich, I really do, but he still sort of sounds like the guy who can’t believe Mike Gundy paid him $400K to find Tyreek Hill daylight on Saturdays. (O’Colly)

John Kolar might weigh 140 lbs. but the kid can play football. (NewsOK)

Here’s the Week 2 watch guide. (PFB)

Spencer: “Everything’s poison out there right now that’s patting them on the back until they’ve done something. We didn’t hold our opponent to less than what we scored. All of this is really garbage about what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished because we haven’t accomplished anything yet.” (O’Colly)

The descriptions of the Joe Mixon punch are chilling. (Yahoo)

If you talk about, discuss, or possibly even think about Texas football you’ve probably been suspended. And if you haven’t, you will be. (CBS Sports)

When my colleagues said, “that was bad,” my response was, of course it was bad. We knew it was going to be bad. Did someone think a video of a football player breaking a coed’s face with a single punch was somehow going to be less than bad? (NewsOK)

This was great.

Roundtable Thursday was pretty hilarious yesterday. (PFB)

One of the breakout stars of Week 1, Ogbah sacked Florida State’s Jameis Winston twice, broke up two passes and notched six tackles. If he can do that against perhaps the best offensive line in the country, he should have no trouble matching that production against Missouri State. (ESPN)

OU makes fun of OSU for spelling, can’t spell. (PFB)

Good stuff here on how Rashaun Woods got a bunch of former OSU stars together to help him coach a high school football team. (NewsOK)

Wait…Jameis is still being investigated by FSU?? (CBS Sports)

Love this from Gundy: “College football is a long season. We’ve got a lot of football games and three open dates. It’s going to go on forever. You’ll have a lot of big wins and some fun victories, and then you’ll have tough defeats. Either way, you have to come back to work Sunday night. It’s always been that way here. It’s never really been an issue with this team.” (NewsOK)

This OSU should play Notre Dame. That would be awesome. (CBS Sports)

Other sports

A few thoughts on Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and the 2014 Ryder Cup. (PFB)

I watched this Federer-Monfils match last night. It was exquisite. I love watching Fed cooly breathe that thin 5th-set air while opponents search for an oxygen tank. (Sports Illustrated)

I want that jacket.

More stuff I’m reading

What’s wrong with your website? (Godin)

Awesome story here about a dude who got a job writing for Seth Myers solely from making jokes on Twitter. (Vulture)

This looks so weird and good.


Fallon, reeling.

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