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Roundtable Thursday: Tyreek comps and #hottakes

Uncle Daxx, a chair made of Legos, and how the Big 12 has changed in the last seven days.




We are back at it with Rountable Thursday. Let me introduce you to this week’s contributors:

Kyle Porter (editor) – I love jump balls, Markel Brown breakways, and Kevin Durant 30-footers. Thank you for reading Pistols Firing.

KBCarson Cunningham (uniform connoisseur) – Carson does uniform drive-bys and actually has a real job covering sports for a real news station in OKC.

KBJustin Southwell (other uniform connoisseur, former WR) – Justin played at OSU as a wide receiver for a few years and is a pretty big uniform critic himself.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.27.16 PMOKC Dave (statistician) – Unofficial statistician of Pistols Firing. His GPA was likely as high as the rest of ours combined.

KBKyle Boone (covers recruiting)
– Will keep you informed on football and basketball recruiting. Could likely out-recruit Travis Ford.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.12.23 PMWes Shepherd (covers Big 12 football) – He invented the Big 12 QB fantasy rankings which is pretty terrific.

1. How much did the FSU game change your prediction for OSU’s record this season?

Porter: None. I’m sticking with 8-4 because I’m 99 percent certain JW has that 2012 Kansas game lingering somewhere inside him. Except this time we won’t be playing Kansas.

OKC Dave: I’ll tack on one win for the remainder of the schedule. I had us pick up two wins out of ISU/@TCU/@KSU/UT. I’ll say we get three now.

Shepherd: Thought we’d win eight games — now thinking nine, maybe 10. I’ve learned to take it week by week, though.

Carson: Not so much their record as their chance to win games in November increased exponentially. Tough out for anyone.

Southwell: I had them winning nine; we can win 10+

Boone: I predicted 8-5 last week before the game, I think we could pull out nine wins.

2. What are you most excited about for the home opener?

Porter: The use of the new ribbon video board. Hopefully it’ll just be a 60-minute scroll of this.

OKC Dave: Seeing Hill in person.

Shepherd: Realizing Tyreek Hill is actually faster than Bullet.

Carson: Intro video. “Ready for War” is a great addition, tradition.

Southwell: New field, new turf monster? Keep your eyes on that east 10-yard line.

Boone: Getting to see Daxx sling it (hopefully).

3. One word to describe how you felt the first time you saw Tyreek in space

Porter: Weak
OKC Dave: whoa
Shepherd: Emotional.
Carson: Egads
Southwell: Whaaaaaaaaat?!
Boone: Barry?

4. How has your view on the Big 12 landscape shifted after one week?

Porter: I feel like OSU has a legit (if not small) chance to win the league. I didn’t last week.

OKC Dave: Not much; still OU’s league to lose. Petty’s back could open up the No. 2 spot, though.

Shepherd: Hasn’t changed. However I do feel more optimism creeping in.

Carson: Probably more than it should. Texas is already falling apart at the seams.

Southwell: Still about the same… Wait, is Iowa State still in the Big 12?

Boone: Sticking with Baylor, but OSU may be a darkhorse.

5. Do you have any favorite Missouri State memories? Can you name a Missouri State athlete (all-time, any sport)?

Porter: We played them in basketball a few years ago right after Ford took over. Probably lost. I cannot name a Missouri State athlete.

OKC Dave: Without using Google? I admit I had to look up the year, but OSU had its first OT game in a 1996 win over Missouri State with a game-winning Tim Sydnes field goal.

Shepherd: I’m not going to lie and say I do.

Carson: Perrish Cox took the opening kickoff back against them, right? I can’t name one.

Southwell: Kingjack Washington (Owasso) played RB there. I only know that name because he tore through Westmoore’s defense in the 2nd round of the playoffs to ruin our perfect season.

Boone: Too young for this one, but the Perrish Cox opening TD after reading about it yesterday.

6. Give me your best Tyreek comp.

Porter: Michael Bennett (Kansas State — race No. 2):

OKC Dave: Prentiss?

Shepherd: Every player I’ve ever created on a video game.

Carson: De’Anthony Thomas after a couple of red bulls.

Southwell: Kendall Hunter because of his size and the number 24.

Boone: Tavon Austin

7. What is the Week 1 #hottake that has you the most nervous (ie: Tyreek/Heisman, OSU D = legit, etc.)

Porter: The “fire the coordinator unless he talks about balls on ESPN or lives in a hotel” takes are always piping out of the gate but the “JW stands for just win or get really close against the champs” take will always scare me.

OKC Dave: Don’t have one, but I’m excited to watch Ashton Lampkin go after the NCAA record for defensive holding penalties.

Shepherd: Definitely the legitimacy of the defense. Mostly nervous because I actually buy it..

Carson: “Daxx can throw a football over a mountain!” is still scalding from preseason.

Southwell: I don’t really have one, I just want this “legit defense” to cover slot receivers better before I can confidently call them legit.

Boone: Defenses legitimacy because of our secondary.

8. Over/Under on when Gundy busts out the metal chairback on Saturday…

Porter: If he sits on a chair built exclusively from Legos I will die.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.29.09 PM

OKC Dave: Right after the 3rd snap goes over Kip Smith’s head during pregame warmups.

Shepherd: I mean, I think it’d be fine if he sat all game.

Carson: Late 3rd quarter will be visor time.

Southwell: We’ll see him run out from the tunnel after halftime with some sort of chair

Boone: Gundy will be at Karsten Creek by the third quarter.

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