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OU makes fun of OSU for spelling, can’t spell

Your, you’re, whatever works!



After the OSU-FSU game on Saturday a guy named Tony Beaulieu thought it would be funny to write a satirical piece on the Trail of Tears sign an OSU student made for College GameDay.

That piece landed in the OU student newspaper (their O’Colly) and you can read it here. It opens like this:

Oklahoma State University President V. Burns Hargis called it one of the greatest academic achievements in the history of the school Saturday after an offensive sign made by university students had no apparent spelling errors.

“Despite the insensitive nature of the sign, this is an enormous acheivement [sic] for our students.” Hargis said in an official statement. “There are some medium-sized words in that sign, and none of them misspelled.”

It goes on to include other fake quotes from folks associated with OSU and, I have to admit, is actually pretty funny.

But the best part of the entire thing, by far, is that the school this student paper represents had an incredible grammatical gaffe on Saturday during the Louisiana Tech game.

I cannot even begin to describe how giddy I was to see this. Especially after the student paper piece.

According to OU Outreach — which is the arm of OU that sponsored this and, presumably, wrote it:

The University of Oklahoma Outreach (OU Outreach) is a world-renowned continuing education and liberal studies program designed for working adults, military personnel and anybody thinking about going back to school. We’re dedicated to ensuring access to higher education is available to everyone. Learn more about transforming your career, your life, your future.

Learn more about transforming you’re career, you’re life, you’re future!

Well done, everyone.[1. Except Trail of Tears bro.]

h/t The Big Lead

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