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Monday Mailbag



We really don’t do this enough. Here are some questions from various readers about hoops, football, and everything in between.

Taylor York: We went from Fire Ford to maybe Final Four. Where do you stand with him as a coach right now? Recruiter?

Brent Wilson: Is this years success because of Smart, or that Ford finally has players in his system that will listen to his coaching? Combo?

Kyle Porter: Great question. It’s pretty tough to separate Ford from Smart and Smart from Ford at this point but ask Mack Brown how easy it is to coach talent. And the fact remains OSU was 2-3 in conference play after losing to Baylor in Waco and Marcus Smart was playing some incredible basketball. Did he just flip a switch after that game? I think not. Ford made adjustments and got this team on track.

I’ve never been totally out on Ford[1. Though I did text Nolo at halftime of the West Virginia game at home and say I was bailing if we lost. His response: “I don’t blame you.”] although I’m not totally sure why — he hadn’t been all that great up until this year — but he’s been proving my instinct right more often than not as of late.

Jamie WilderWhy not JW? Or why the other two over him? 

Kyle Porter: Somebody the other day[2. I think it was one of the 3,000 tweets Gina retweeted.] mentioned the similarities between Marcus Smart and J.W. Walsh. While this is a little (OK, a lot) absurd given their abilities and future projections, the fact remains that they both just win.

I think I’ve turned a bit of a corner on J.W. Some of that has to do with watching John Foots[3. Dean’s words, not mine] win the Cotton Bowl for A&M last year. I watch him and I think “uh, why is he even good?” Then I look up and he’s dropping 300 and 200 on some of the best defenses in the country.

I’ve come to grips with my love for Wes Lunt’s arm and I’ll listen to any argument for any of the three guys. Even though I’m still #TeamChelf for the time being (we’ll discuss this a lot more in the near future).

Zach TaylorHey I was watching a movie the other day and I saw the actor Benicio Del Toro. I immediately thought “Holy Cow that looks just like our boy West Lunt”

Kyle Porter: You decide.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 1.23.54 PM

Cole YearwoodWas watching the UCLA v. Zona game the other day. Bill Walton seemed like he was gushing over Shabazz every chance he got. Who has the bigger crush: Walton on Shabazz or Fran on Smart?

Kyle Porter: There are 12-year-old girls who aren’t crushing on Taylor Lautner as hard as Franny is crushing on Marcus Smart.

Seth KrugBig fan of the blog. Just curious about sometthing. I have seen Ubben say a few times that he expects Mike Harrison to return to the team this next season. Is this news true? Have you heard anything similar to this? Appreciate your time, and thanks for any info!

Kyle Porter: Thanks, Seth. Gina had a post on this in December. She’s pretty conservative in her reporting (which I appreciate[4. For many reasons.]) so I’m going to say it’s about 95% that he’ll be back on the team. Remember, he was suspended by the NCAA, not Gundy so other than doing 1.5 million reps on the Stairmaster there shouldn’t be any issues.

Cullen Carstens: Rank the girls in Friday Night Lights.

Kyle Porter: Oh boy. One of my favorite mailbag questions ever.

1. Tami  – I won’t listen to any argument for anyone else in this spot.
2. Tyra  – I loved her story of redemption throughout. Spurning Landry for Riggins was mildly disconcerting but not enough to bump her from the No. 2 spot.
3. Jess – When I realized Jess was No. 3 I realized there weren’t very many strong female characters in FNL.
4. Jules – She made me want to drive a sand wedge into my feet most of the time, but she had her moments.
5. Lyla – Just a train wreck of a character. I’m glad Ms. Jeter looks good on camera because that’s about all she has going for her.
6. Becky – Tried to derail my favorite male character (Riggins) time after time after time. The wettest of wet blankets.

Ben Underwood: What would have to happen for OSU not to be a 3 seed or higher in the big 12 tourney?

Kyle Porter: If OSU loses both games this week and OU wins both, OU would be the three-seed. Since OSU and OU split the regular season and both would be 12-6 he tiebreaker would be as follows: each team’s record vs. the team occupying the highest position in the final regular-season standings, and then continuing down through the standings until one team gains an advantage.

So it would go:

Kansas: both 1-1
Kansas State: both 0-2
Iowa State: both 1-1
Baylor: OSU (1-1), OU (2-0)

Leave it to Baylor to screw things up for us again.

Part II coming tomorrow…

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