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Monken and Gundy Talk About Lunt



Todd Monken and Mike Gundy sat down with Steve Greenberg of the Sporting News the other day to discuss their about-to-be-over-over-over-analyzed freshman quarterback and what ensued was pretty awesome.

You can read the entire article here.

First Gundy was asked about how he viewed Lunt coming in, how he assessed him…

One thing I said to [the coaches] is, “Don’t expect a lot from him; he’s just a high school kid. If he’s able to pick it up quick, great, but certainly we can’t expect him to be able to handle it and put a lot of pressure on him.”

The idea of Gundy going to his assistants and saying “oh, he’s just a high school kid” cracks me up for some reason. “Todd, he’s just 18, don’t be so hard on him.” “F—— 18-year olds, Weeden threw better than him left-handed!!”

Monken then, seriously, goes on to riff about what makes the new #11 special…

Two things about him. One is he’s a little like Brandon Weeden in that he’s very accurate; it’s a rarity the ball’s not pretty damn close to being on target. He made certain throws in practice that were “wow” throws. The other thing is he’s so even-keeled. We were eight or nine practices in, and I’m like: Does Wes even like football? Then he throws a touchdown one day and fist-pumps a little bit, and I’m like, Damn, maybe he does care a little bit.

I have nothing to add to this, just classic lines from Monken.

Lastly, Monken hilariously talks about the maturity of QBs…

Some 18-year-olds act like they’re 13; some 18-year-olds act like they’re 23. The reality of it is, if you think you’ve got a really good player, why are you waiting? It’s all just a matter of reps.

And with that, can somebody let it be September 1 yet?

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