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Monken Badger Does Not Give a S***



**UPDATE** This used to be a clip of Monken saying “nobody gives a sh** about how we score” that the OSU athletic department posted on its YouTube site (thus the asterisk below). That part has since been edited (the end was cut off) and we’re left with just normal Monken being Monken stuff. Sorry about that.

And I see you reading my blog, athletic department employees, I see you, and I appreciate the pageviews. **END UPDATE**

Listen to the whole thing*

Though, as one of my readers pointed out, the bigger story is that he’s kind of giving the nod to JW at this point by what he says.

*and if I ever hear a “but nobody can hold you accountable to what you say” from the athletic department again as a reason for why I can’t have media access then whoever tells me that is just getting a link to this post, no words, just this link.

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