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Most Important People #10 – Josh Cooper



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Who he is: Josh Cooper is someone Brandon Weeden believes “could be a No. 1 guy for three-fourths of the schools across the country.” Maybe he doesn’t get talked about because he was a 3-star from a small school in OKC. Or maybe it’s because he’s 5’11 and weighs less than Michael Turner’s left leg. Or maybe it’s because he lines up next to #81. Whatever it is, I have to think Cooper kind of likes it that way.

What he does: Last year Coop put up, statistically, one of the ten best receiving seasons in school history. The fact that it went largely unnoticed speaks to two things: 1. Justin Blackmon was out-of-control good last season and 2. Brandon Weeden’s stats were better than people remember. Think about it, Cooper’s season last year was essentially the same season Hart Lee Dykes had his sophomore year in 1986 and nobody even noticed. If he simply repeats what he did in 2010 he’ll finish his career with more yards than everyone in school history except for:

Rashaun Woods
Justin Blackmon
Hart Lee Dykes
D’Juan Woods
Dez Bryant
Adarius Bowman
Hermann Eben

And with a round little 1,000-yard campaign (which I think is easily attainable) he’ll pass Eben and move into seventh all time. And it’s not like OSU has an extremely weak history at the wideout position.

Where he fits in: He’s the second receiver on a team full of guys who would be second receivers at most every other school in the Big 12. That he’s kept a stronghold on that spot with the likes of Harrison, Moore, Stewart, and Anyiam constantly coming for his position should tell you all you need to know.

Why he matters: Because he’s going to lead the team in catches. He’s the most important receiver on the team. Not the best or the most talented or the strongest or the fastest or any of those things. But as far as keeping drives alive and slamming plays down the other team’s throat there’s not another offensive player I’d choose to have the ball in his hands.

Case in point…

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