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Most Important People #9 – Todd Monken



Before we get into this let me get this off my chest: The only thing worse than a “hey could you talk about…” question in an Oklahoma State press conference is the “how will Todd Monken taking over for Dana Holgorsen affect the offense?” If a media member said “hey, could you talk about Todd Monken taking over for Dana Holgorsen” I think my head would start levitating atop my spine.

Who he is: You guys know the story by now: played at division III Knox College during his formative years before moving on to Eastern Michigan, LA Tech, OSU, LSU, Jacksonville and now back to Stillwater.

I did find this tidbit interesting: “Monken’s sensational senior season [at Knox College] included record-breaking numbers of 218 pass completions, 358 attempts, 2400 yards, 23 touchdowns and a 60.9 percent completion percentage. He led the nation in yards, completions, and attempts while finishing second in touchdown passes.” Weeden should have those numbers sewn up by, what, the Missouri game? The Baylor game? (courtesy of Knox College)

What he does: He calls plays from the pressbox. How much are we going to miss Dana’s hair wildly flailing in the wind as he paced the sideline trying to figure out how to get another eff you TD against Baylor? Dana was born to coach this season at OSU. Alas.

Where he fits in: He fits in because of this statement from earlier in the summer, “With all of the returning starters, it would be silly to break up what they already have going.” He’s going to get out of the way and let the nation’s best quarterback and best receiver and best offensive line and dynamic backfield do what they do: score. Over and over and over and over until the defense is tired of going on the field and asks them to stop.

Why he matters: Because if he doesn’t get out of the way, it’s going to be a long season. The hardest part for him will be finding a rhythm of calling plays. Thankfully we have two warmups before College Station to get this figured out. It’s not like he has to reinvent the offensive playbook, just take a few plays from Dana, call a flea-flicker ever 10th play, make sure he’s on the same page with Weeden, and let the thing ride.

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