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Mrs. Cobbins is just the best

Does not care for your efforts, event staff people!



Michael Cobbins and his mom, Joy. (USATSI and Facebook)

Michael Cobbins and his mom, Joy. (USATSI and Facebook)

John Helsley wrote about Senior Night for the Oklahoman today and profiled 49-year senior Michael Cobbins in the process.

My favorite part was Cobbins revealing that his parents storm the court with all the students every time it happens. Here’s how his mom Joy put it.

“We look at each other and we say, ‘We’re going,'” Joy said. “The last time, the event staff, they do such a good job of controlling the crowd, but I said to them, ‘If we win this game, I’m going to let you know now, I’m going over the rail.'”

If we win this game, I’m going over the rail!

That is some boss mom stuff.[1. Don’t tell Bob Bowlsby about this woman!]

Then it got emotional.

“I was looking at some pictures of him as a freshman, when he just started,” Joy said, “and it really had not hit me that this was the end of it. That this was his senior year.

“He really has grown from a teenage boy and developed into a man on that campus of OSU and in that program.”

Go read the whole thing.

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