Mrs. Pistols picks OSU’s bracket

Written by Kyle Porter

Mrs. Pistols broke down the West Regional for you earlier today and she’s back to tackle Oklahoma State’s portion of the bracket this time. I think you’re going to like what you see…

Some of my favorite moments:

“Is Missouri in the Big 12 still?”

“I’m not a sports fan.”

“You’re going to look like a dum dum to your readers.”

“You type all day, how are you this slow at Googling SMC?”

“People will be so bored.”

Also…sorry about the shaky camera, I had an iPhone stacked on top of lik 39 books…amateur stuff.

  • Okstate junior

    Hahahaha these are hilarious. I’m basing one of my brackets off her predictions

  • Zach Logsdon

    I filled out my bracket before I watched this…should I be worried that I only took OSU to the sweet sixteen?

  • Ryan

    I don’t think you caught that she thought you said NC “A-N-T”, not “A&T” That’s why she asked if their mascot was the ants.

  • This is the kind of stuff that needs to live forever in the family chronicles…

  • Brad

    The best part was when she started heckling you while you’re googling SMC

  • Justin

    I wish this was an internet craze instead of the Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style. Guys filming their girlfriends picking brackets. Endless entertainment… In fact, I may do this myself.

  • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

    “I feel like I’m making all my picks based on 2011 numbers.” PRICELESS! Slightly unfamiliar with current teams, yet has a virtual lock on stats from two years ago. Look out OKC_Dave! Thanks for sharing – and thanks MrsPistols for being a good sport!

  • Becca W

    “who looks up Missouri on the map and says they should be in the SEC” Reason 783 why Jen continues to be one of my favorite people.

  • Emily Fourmy

    I somehow missed all these other videos, but am catching up and loving it! I am definitely not bored!