Mrs. Pistols picks the NCAA Tournament

Written by Kyle Porter

Here’s Mrs. Pistols breaking down the West Region like Jay Bilas breaks down the NBA Draft.

I love her talking Harvard — “too brainy!”

I also love the Iona conversation — “is the Tournament getting less legit?”

Belmont Stake to the second round!

  • That’s Mrs. Pistols?! OK, so your job is to blog about golf, your hobby is to run one of the best OSU blogs out there, AND you are married to her? You should change your signature to #blessed.

  • Cari

    Mrs. Pistols is great!

  • jason D.

    Or #OutkickedMyCoverage

  • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

    I don’t know if it’s my computer, your camera or what, but…are you in the middle of an earthquake during filming? It’s kinda trippin me out!
    Good work MrsPistols!

    • I was wondering if there was some kind of Wine/Tipsy effect going on. lol

    • Scottt

      I swear that is a fake background or a green screen.

  • Nolo

    Hilarious. The best part about this is she probably has just as good a chance of being right as the rest of us.

  • DWC

    Iowa State is still Big 12?

    I totally married this woman as well.

  • jane

    LOL. Enjoyed Mrs. Pistols. I kind of had some of the same thoughts as her when I was filling out your bracket for fun. I am a BIG FAN of OSU sports, and a pretty big fan of Big 12 sports in general. Then…..I get kind of “What? Iona? Is that like I own a pair of shoes? Who is that?” So I can relate. However, I certainly know that Ole Miss is not in the Big 12… 🙂

  • danofict

    That was hilarious! Can’t wait to see what this turns into once that quart sized wine galss gets emptied.

  • Good job, Mrs. P. as well as Mr. P, can hardly wait for the next video!!

  • Scott

    yeah this was awesome. one of the best posts ever

  • She seems tipsy.

  • Philip

    That’s a pretty serious cork collection!

    Wisconsin seems like as good a 5 12 upset as any of the others.

  • Loved the “I’m so good at this!”

  • Warp Stabilizer, FTW.

  • Kelly M.

    This is amazing. Thanks for posting!!!

  • Shem

    “Belmont is in NY.” No, What? That is hilarious!