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My Mind During a Gilbert Kick Return



I was going to include this in my “five key plays” yesterday but Justin Gilbert kick return TDs deserve posts of their own.

Just for fun let me walk you through what happens in my mind when Gilbert houses a kick. That’ll be fun, no?

0:09 – “You slipped 5 yards deep into the end zone and you’re still trying to return this? We need a clock-killing drive to get Weeden into rhythm, not another bonehead special teams play!”

0:10 – “What am I saying…this is Justin Gilbert.”

0:12 – “Omg there’s a hole the size of an Olsen twin, I bet he can get through that!”

0:13 – “Crap, that guy hosed him, he’s going down. You know he should really put some weight on in the offseason and try to come back looking like Patrick Peterson next year.”

0:14 – “Still on his feet?! Get an eraser for Perrish Cox’s name!!!”

0:15 – “Only the kicker to beat! Justin Gilbert will not fall at the hands of a kicker.”

0:18 – “That guy has no angle, oh my gosh, he’s gone.”


0:20 – “Oh…oh…I’m woozy, I feel light-headed.”

0:21 – [large crash that sounds like a jaw bone hitting a wooden floor]

0:22 – Just this.

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