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My Problem With Monken’s Language



Welp, I wrote a post this morning about the Oklahoma State Depth Chart show and we all lost our collective minds in the comments section so I figured it deserved a follow-up.

As a qualifier I should should preface this by saying that I have no opinion one way or another about whether or not coaches should use the f-word (or any other word) when they are dealing with their teams.

There are great coaches who do it (Nick Saban) and great coaches who don’t (Tony Dungy) and I don’t think it has any bearing on the ability of one to coax what he wants out of his players and win games.

That being said, I had a problem with Todd Monken’s string of profanity-laced tirades on the OSU Depth Chart show last night for two reasons:

1. It takes away from the fact that we should be talking about how crazy it is that Oklahoma State was the feature program on a show that was made to highlight some of the best players and facilities in the nation. Two of my sixteen points this morning were about Monken’s language and yet 90% of the comments were about those two points.

His f-bombs were most sensational thing about the show and I felt like that really took away what was a completely positive hour-long spotlight from the mothership.

2. You might not have a problem with it and I might not have a problem with it, but last time I checked our opinions about how a coach goes about his business aren’t real instrumental in bringing in players and winning ball games for OSU.

The opinions of parents of 5-star quarterbacks across the nation, however, are. And whether or not it goes on at every school in the country (which it does) is irrelavent because “every school in the country” wasn’t featured on the first episode of “Depth Chart.” OSU was.

Like it or not but half of recruiting is about keeping up appearances and if you think CJ Curry‘s parents and Wes Lunt‘s parents and Kendall Sanders’ parents watched that last night and thought “oh wow, I cannot wait for my child to go play for that guy”…well…I think that’s a pretty naive thought.

Sure, that’s his personality and that’s how he acts and that’s totally fine. Again, I’m not attacking the way he coaches or lives his life. But the fact that you can’t clean it up for a few weeks for a TV show you know hundreds of recruits (and their parents) are going to watch, and present your organization in a more classy manner shows me that you’re as much of a kid as the 19-year olds you’re teaching.

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