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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Every fan has a propensity for thinking their team gives up the most career days to its opponents.

We’ve been there as OSU fans, everybody’s been there, Baylor’s been there for a long time.

So what really happened in 2012?

Here’s a look at which teams gave up the most Big 12 players of the week this year.

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Goodness, West Virginia. From 10/15 to 11/19 they gave up five of the six offensive players of the week. And they had an off week!

They also gave up the most defensive players of the week.

Strangely some of the worse teams (Kansas, Iowa State) barely gave up anything.

OSU had some bad weeks — offensive awards to Landry and Seastrunk and defensive performances by Eddie Lackey (Baylor) and Allen Chapman (KSU).

OU was the only team that didn’t give up a single player of the week award against its team.

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