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Nerd box score: OSU and Iowa State

Special teams carried the Pokes on Saturday.



Here’s a look at the nerd box score from Saturday:


There are a few things that stand out, let’s take a look:

• To put that 4.82 yards per play in perspective. If that was OSU’s total for the season it would be in 113th in this category in the NCAA, right behind Temple.

• 2.55 points per drive is solid — it would have ranked in the top 30 nationally last season.

• Gundy was right when he said special teams won (or helped win) this game. 14 swing points (Tyreek and the kickoff return) plus points gained on field possession. Still the -12 swing points the other way (three field goals when inside ISU’s 25) has to be better.

• Gundy was also right when he said OSU was just not very good on Saturday. Iowa State’s offense stinks — it doesn’t have more than 340 yards in a single game this year — and if it wasn’t for special teams this might have been close.

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