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Nerd box score: OSU-Missouri State

OSU won the field position battle but lost 16 points by not closing down drives.



Nerd Box MSU

Here’s a look at the Week 2 nerd box score.

OSU turned in the type of box you’d expect against FCS opponent but probably not the type this team expected against Missouri State.

First things first, let’s look at those negative swing points. Negative swing points are defined as a failure to score a TD when you get inside an opponent’s 25. OSU had -16 in swing points because it kicked four FGs after getting inside the Missouri State 25.

Gundy was absolutely right when he said this:

“We were kicking way too many field goals, and we have to improve in areas like that.”

56-23 sure sounds better than 40-23.

Missouri State’s average starting field position was, get this, two yards better than Florida State’s in the opener. That’s stunning to me.

Also, the difference in starting at your own 38 vs. starting at your own 30 in a 12-possession game is 4.8 points, according to BCF Toys. That’s pretty interesting and something to keep an eye on as OSU nearly always posts a better field position tally than its opponent.

The only other thing that stood out to me was that Missouri State actually gave up more yards in Week 1 to Northwestern State (493 yards) than it did this week to OSU. Granted, you’re playing freshmen and sophomores for most of the fourth quarter, but still.

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