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We started this last week and enjoyed it so much we’re back for round 2 (and beyond).

For those of you who missed it, Fridays will be a 5-course sampling of what’s going on in the world of sports as it relates to Oklahoma State. Not overtly about the Cowboys necessarily, but everything will point back to Stillwater…

Rory – Because a supernova like him need not worry about a middle or last name. The dominance was so appallingly spectacular that American Robert Garrigus let rip a Kevin Garnett-esque roar on 18 after sinking a medium-sized putt…to pull within 10 strokes of the lead on Sunday. It turned out to be about a $140,000 putt (difference between T3 and T7), but still.

As I watched I started thinking about who might be next for OSU. Who might bridge the gap between Blackmon and the future? Who might become legendary? The landscape is so different now. If you’re outstanding, you leave and chase millions, that’s the simple economics of being an inherently gifted amateur athlete. So it has to be somebody who comes in and plays a little as a freshman, improves each year (but not enough to whet the appetite of professional scouts), and lights up the league his senior year. Somebody like Joseph Randle or Markel Brown or perhaps CJ Guerrero or Herschel Sims. Somebody will take the torch and just like last weekend, I can’t wait to watch.

NBA Draft – You know who I would have taken with the #3 pick last night (after Kyrie and Derrick Williams)? Kemba Walker. I don’t understand why teams complicate this process so much. How do you draft a guy whose only video footage looks like an international hostage situation on YouTube ahead of a guy who just strapped an entire college roster on his back and slugged his way to the Big East title? I understand different teams have different needs and that upside trumps sustainability and that Jay Bilas gets more excited about lengthy wingspans than Adele in an all-you-can-eat Chick-Fil-A, but seriously, it doesn’t seem that hard. And when Enes Kanter posts a 27-18 average in three years for the Jazz you can absolutely print this off and mail it to me. You don’t even have to sign it, just put a little smiley face.

Related story: I’ve really enjoyed all these LeBryan Nash “that’s gonna be me next year!” tweets. I am elated about the LeBryan Nash era!

MLB Realignment – If you’ve been caught up in all the draft/Wimbledon/U.S. Open hoopla for the last few weeks and haven’t seen it: MLB is thinking about moving a National League team to the American League and creating two 15-team divisions. Ten playoff teams (2 wild cards), and interleague matchup every day, and who knows what they’re going to do with the DH? I actually think this would be pretty cool, it seems like a more organic way of separating out the playoff teams. The people against it though, well they’ve taken their opposition to a level that’s making Federer’s hatred for the hawk-eye system appear rather soft by comparison.

The point (well, my point anyway) is this: people hate change. People hate when you change the look of your web site, they hate to change their morning routine, and they especially hate when their favorite team has to change leagues or switch rules. But people also get over things (aside: it’s not like baseball is really setting the world on fire with its TV ratings anyway). This was the same thing OSU went through last year when the proposed move to the Pac-Whatever number it was set message boards around the nation aflame with vitriol.

We will watch sports because its what we do and a minor bump in the parameters of what’s becoming a fringe sport anyway is not going to change that fact. Carry on, Mr. Selig.

CWS – I just can’t get into the new stadium. It looks great on TV and the George Bush/OSU moments were terrific, but I just can’t help but think the new venus has changed the College World Series as we view it. I really haven’t read a ton on the full slate of reasons behind why the decision to simply overhaul Rosenblatt wasn’t made (I suspect it had something to do with luxury boxes), but wouldn’t that have been the better decision in the long run? On the flip side, I guess any time you have the opportunity to erase a 60-year old suitcase full of sweet memories like those provided by Robin Ventura, Roger Clemens, and Warren Morris, you have to take it. So long old Omaha – it’s never going to be the same without you.

Soccer (and blogging) – This has nothing to do with OSU other than the fact that I run an OSU blog, but I noticed this trend the other day that most really great bloggers (and I am not yet in that category, thanks for asking) are really huge soccer fans. Either that or they’re out to prove their blogging hipsterness by feigning knowledge on the matter (which is a definite possibility). Blogging is countercultural and so is soccer (as a sport) so maybe this is just the perfect amalgamation of I’m-too-cool-to-read-ESPN-or-watch-the-NFL combination. Or maybe it’s actually true and I need to brush up on my Michael Bradley stats…

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