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NFL Draft Destinations



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

The NFL Draft (from pick #1 until the free agent frenzy thereafter) lasts about 48 hours in total. For Oklahoma State, all the excitement took place in hours 1-2 and 47-48. Obviously you know where Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden went, but here was the final landing spot for the rest of your Cowboy seniors who either got drafted or signed a free agent contract.

Levy Adcock – Free Agent – Dallas Cowboys – Reuniting here with Dan Bailey, Orie Lemon, and Dez.
Hubert Anyiam – Free Agent – San Diego Chargers – I’d have to think you have a decent chance to make any roster whose second leading returning WR had 329 yards last year.

Justin Blackmon – Round 1 (#5 overall) – Jacksonville Jaguars – Gabbert probably hasn’t slept yet thinking about how much fun it’s going to be to 1.) throw to #81 (or as he’s now known #14) and 2.) not throw to people named Chastin West and Cecil Shorts III (take that, Griffin!) (both real WR on the Jags last year). Their leading WR in 2011 had 415 yards. Blackmon had that by the second half of his fourth game.

Jamie Blatnick – Free Agent – Denver Broncos – Tweeted the following:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JBlatnick/status/196389954509733888″]

Awesome, but if you so much as breathe on Peyton…”bye bye.”

Josh Cooper – Free Agent – Cleveland Browns – This one has “Brandon Weeden told his new general manager ‘get me #25 three seconds after the 7th round ends’ so I can have somebody I trust up here” written all over it. In other words, the Browns weren’t scampering to sign Marquise Goodwin.

Grant Garner – Free Agent – Washington Redskins – Going from hiking to one All-Big 12 QB to hiking to another All-Big 12 QB.

Richetti Jones – Free Agent – Arizona Cardinals – Certainly has the pedigree to make an NFL squad, and the Cards only have three defensive linemen on their roster right now (and didn’t draft any).

Markelle Martin – Round 6 (#190 overall) – Tennessee Titans – Fell a little bit (was projected to go in the third or fourth round, Mayock had him as the 9th best safety) but I guess that’s what happens when you get hurt pre-combine and pro day. Although I’m not sure we need DBs from Maine, Coastal Carolina, Albion (?), Samford, and Presbyterian being taken ahead of him.

James Thomas – Free Agent – Minnesota Vikings – For my money the most underrated player on OSU’s D last year, a D ranked 107th in pass D, but still!

Johnny Thomas – Free Agent – New Orleans Saints – Sounds like a fun situation to be thrown into.

Brandon Weeden – Round 1 (#22 overall) – Cleveland Browns – My buddy Quade and I were discussing this today, I’m a Browns fan now. I grew up in Houston pre-Texans and have always considered myself an NFL team agnostic. My loyalties lie to my fantasy team and my fantasy team alone. No more, hand me that #11 Massaquoi jersey and start a flame for my Nike “Witness” shirt, I’m a Cleveland Browns supporter.

Here’s an interesting look at what undrafted free agents can make by coming into camp (hint: not much).

According to there were 59 undrafted free agents that made week 1 rosters for NFL teams. So despite not getting selected in the draft, I’d have to thing at least one of these guys will be suiting up on Sundays in the fall.

Including these nine Cowboys, Oklahoma State is currently sporting 25 names on NFL rosters right now.

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