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NFL Rookie of the Year



NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Photo Attribution: US Presswire

The NFL offensive rookie of the year odds are out and pretty much what you would expect…

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Where do I parlay all my money against Blackmon and Broyles winning this thing? And is there any possible way one of the QBs won’t win it?

The last 10 winners look like this:

2002 – Clinton Portis
2003 – Anquan Boldin
2004 – Ben Roethlisberger
2005 – Cadillac Williams
2006 – Vince Young
2007 – Adrian Peterson
2008 – Matt Ryan
2009 – Percy Harvin
2010 – Sam Bradford
2011 – Cam Newton

5 QB
3 RB
2 WR

Not a resounding case for the wideouts, especially when you consider that Harvin’s competition in ’09 was Michael Oher and nobody else even got voted for in ’03 when Boldin won it.

Also, if we get many more tweets like this then Blackmon should start worrying about staying in the league, not winning awards…

And does this sound like a formula for a player of the year of any sort?

I’m a little surprised Weeden’s odds are so low, I figured he’d be more in the 12/1 or 15/1 range but I think 8/1 is more like it. He has a real chance to go out and be spectacular.

I know this is going to be a watershed moment but if I didn’t take Weeden (and I would, duh) I’d probably take Bob because I think his squad is more stout than Luck’s and if he stays healthy you know he’s going to get hyped.

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