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OSU Brings Out Black-Gray-Gray Uniforms for Home-Opener

The Cowboys look to go 3-1 in gray.



The good folks of Oklahoma’s State equipment staff reached into their bag of tricks skipping orange for the Cowboys’ home opener in favor of a Black-Gray-Gray uniform combination with a black w/ orange brand helmet.












This is the first time OSU has opened its home slate without orange as a main combo color since 2015 when it beat Central Arkansas, another FCS opponent, 32-8.

I, for one, am a fan of the gray but I do prefer it alone either as jersey or pants more than I like the all-gray body look. Bonus points awarded from me on the helmet. Through two games, the brand seems to be the standard lid for 2019 — and I’m on board!

This specific black-gray-gray combo has been worn just twice by OSU, last year’s home loss to Texas Tech and way back in 2012 when the Cowboys bested West Virginia 55-34 at home. Overall in the gray tops, OSU is 2-1.

If you’re keeping score, none of the guys predicted this exact combo but Justin Southwell gets marks for picking the correct jersey color in this week’s uni preview.

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