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Ofa Hautau says horse (as in equine) is ‘a good meat’

He also made his teammates try it!




The Oklahoman did a fun interview with Ofa Hautau in today’s paper but my eyes bulged at the end when the topic of Hautau’s eating habits came up.

When asked about what his go-to recipe is right now Hautau said horse — as in Big Brown, Secretariat, Mine That Bird, etc.

Right now I have to say horse. There’s a lot of people who get surprised when I say that, but it’s horse. It’s a good meat.

He said he made his teammates try it, too.

I brought some back last weekend and we all ate it. They liked it a lot. It’s a different kind of meat. It’s way different from beef, chicken, all that. It’s a lot chewier than a regular meat that you buy at stores.

I’m not sure that I want my meat to be “chewier” than what I buy at the grocery store but who am I to judge?

Plus if that’s what makes Hautau continue to play like his hair is on fire then I’m all in.

Maybe he needs a new nickname, though? Might I propose:

The Horse Crisper

[I’ll let myself out]

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