Oklahoma Leads Big 12 Preseason Poll, Pokes Picked to Finish Second

Written by Kyle Porter

The preseason Big 12 media poll is out, and Oklahoma State was picked to finish second. Not by everybody, but by a majority. OU collected 19 first place votes which was enough for them to be the favorite to win their third-straight Big 12 title. Oklahoma State got 12, and Kansas State got one.

Here’s a look at how the conference was picked.

Finish Team Points 1st Votes
1 Oklahoma 303 19
2 Oklahoma State 294 12
3 Kansas State 231 1
4 Texas 213
5 TCU 202
6 West Virginia 183
7 Baylor 129
8 Texas Tech 85
9 Iowa State 83
10 Kansas 37

This is not super surprising. We knew Bedlam would be the top two and Kansas State would probably be third. We knew Kansas, Iowa State and Texas Tech would be the final three in some order. We thought Baylor would be seventh. Then we didn’t know how Texas, TCU and WVU would shake out, but as is normally the case, the Longhorns get the nod.

I’m convinced you could name me the coach in Austin and have our PFB team as the offensive line, and as long as 247 and Rivals gave our guys the nod in recruiting rankings (and they would because … Texas) then we’d be picked to finish in the top four in the Big 12. And I say this as someone whose site put them in the top four. It’s a disease!

Texas, by the way, hasn’t finished in the top four in the Big 12 since 2013.

I’m actually surprised how close the first place race was. Oklahoma loses a lot on offense — especially at the skill positions — and even though it has Baker Mayfield returning, it’s also going to have to adjust to a new coach and play Oklahoma State and Kansas State away from Norman.

Oklahoma State has now been picked to finish in the top four of the Big 12 in four of the last five years. It has exceeded those expectations in each of the last two years.

We will reveal the ballot we submitted later on in the day.

  • gowrisankar1989

    I guess Hermon gets better of Riley this time and that will be a long RedRiverRivalry. Of course, they both will lose against Cowboys this year. OU will lose 4 games this year with Ohiostate, OSU, Texas and one more shocking defeat, Kstate or WVU maybe. Team Orange Kool-Aid!

  • CaptainHelpful

    You have a typo when you say “We knew Kansas, Iowa State and Texas would be the final three in some order.”

  • jt

    I have the top 3 the same followed by West Virginia, Texas, then TCU. My bottom 3 would be Iowa State, Kansas, then Texas Tech

    • Mark

      There is a very real possibility that T-Tech could finish behind I-State. I don’t think I’m ready to place them below Kansas yet though.

  • Glen W. Walker

    because…… Texas. Very true!
    NOu ahead of us is wrong this year though, and it’s our fault. If our boys can’t beat them when they’re supposed to it wont change. Half of me wants to stick to my normal approach, who cares what nOu does with the rest of their season as long as we take them down. That would give us a big chance to knock them out twice in one season this year. The other half of me says screw that and let them go 3-9 with those 3 wins being non con only.

  • Les Miles

    Look Kyle,
    I hate OU just as much as the next poke fan but I think we should be fair here. They are going to be a pretty damn good team next year despite what they lost. They just got a grad transfer from Kentucky that was one of the best receivers in the SEC and they have Mark Andrews as well. I’m sure some other kid will emerge for them as well. I know they don’t have Perine and Mixon anymore but when you have one of the best offensive lines in the country even an average back is going to net you 4 or 5 yards per carry.
    Defensively they didn’t look great, but they did lose 5 starters during the season due to injury and they return almost their entire starting lineup along with some really experienced depth. Also, historically speaking OU always seems to play well in Stillwater for whatever reason that may be. OSU has beaten OU more in Norman than in Stillwater.
    As for Texas? I would think you might have to beat Kansas first and make a bowl game before people start picking you to finish 4th in the Big 12. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and pick them at 7-5. ESPN seems to think they are going 9-3 this year.

  • Paul Bohannon

    OSU will win out. WVU will challenge OU. ISU is going to eat somebody’s lunch. Tech will battle it out with KU. The B12 will be a dominant conference in 2017.