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Oklahoma State Depth Chart on ESPN – 15 Thoughts



Photo Attribution: KT King

I erroneously labeled this show “year of the QB” yesterday when it is, in fact, called “Depth Chart” even though it’s part of a larget production called “year of the QB”…or something like that. Year of the QB sounds like a fortune gone wrong so I’m not sure.

Anyway, I had a lot of thoughts about the hour of Oklahoma State television (is this what it feels like to be a Texas fan and have the Longhorn network?!) from last night. Here are twenty of them:

1. How many Nike shirts does Weeden own? Over or under 150?

2. Todd Monken, my gosh, I understand the occasional curse word and I honestly don’t have an opinion one way or another (though I choose not to partake) but that was a gratuitous display of the English language. My wife finally just started burying her face in her hands every time he came on screen. You have to have some sense of the fact that you’re on national television.

3. Chelf on the moped was all kinds of classic. I mean there was nothing about it that didn’t remind me of this.

4. In part of the opening Gundy said, “there are 122 teams that play big-time football.” Am I missing something or is he off by 2? Or is he counting Sacramento State since they beat Oregon State this year?

5. Is it bad that I didn’t realize Herbstreit was narrating until about 15 minutes in?

6. That freshman orientation introduction thing where they talk to what I assume to be big time boosters feels a little…too SEC for me. It was awkward.

7. For all the talk we’ve done on here about Gundy calling people by their number I love that he just bypassed that altogether and started dropping their positions on the depth chart. “Yeah #1 is great, #2 is okay, and #3 has a long way to go.”

8. Forgive me, but the only thing I could think about during the show was “how legendary would this hour of TV be if Dana was still the offensive coordinator?” Would they have burrowed into his hotel? Set up camp in his bathtub (that he likely never used)? I need to know these things.

9. I think Chelf looks like Brady Quinn, my wife thinks he looks like James Marsden. She’s clearly a much bigger fan than I am, and I’m a fan.

10. The shots from the Payne County Fair were the most Friday Night Lights thing ever. The clip of the 75-year old dude saying “we’re going to win it all” was one of the highlights of the entire show for me. You deserve that title as a fan more than I do, old man. Though you also got to watch Walt Garrison in his prime, an opportunity I will sadly never get.

11. Interesting take from Bill Haisten…

12. Even more interesting take from OU linebacker, Tom Wort (does this even make sense?).

13. The thought of Boone giving the program “hundreds of dollars” is really funny to me for some reason.

14. The WRs talking about building a machine that slings footballs at high rates of speed and calling it “the weeden” killed me. Great moment.

15. To all those pointing to the fact that OSU didn’t wear a gray or black helmet until the A&M game “because Nike screwed them up” – they looked pretty ready to me and this was taped well before the season started.

16. (bonus) I love Weeden saying “I rely on my arm too much.” Well crap, I would too.

I’ll be back later today with ten additional thoughts but for now I’d love to hear what you guys liked and didn’t like about it in the comments section…

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