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Oklahoma State Dons Black-White-Black Uniform Combo at TCU

OSU is 7-3 in B-W-B.



[Twitter: @CowboyFB]

A week after debuting a brand new uniform combination, Oklahoma State will go with a classic road look.

For their Top 15 matchup at TCU, the Cowboys will wear a black-white-black uniform combination, crowned with a “full Pete” Pistol Pete helmet with black facemask.

This is the 11th time the Cowboys have worn B-W-B but only the second time since 2019. OSU is 7-3 all-time in these colors.

The getup will provide a nice on-field juxtaposition with the Horned Frogs’ purple and gray Fear the Frog look, complete with blood (?) drip.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of this tweet from earlier this week.

The Cowboys and Horned Frogs will be on the field soon. Kickoff in Fort Worth is set for 2:30 p.m. CST.

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