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Oklahoma State fan scolds high school player’s coach



There is so much going on with this tweet.

First of all, you know by now that Fred Ross, a WR from Tyler, Texas has signed with Mississippi State. He was actually OSU’s first verbal in this class and switched at the last second to Starkville.

Strange…but whatever.

Well one of our fans wasn’t real thrilled about it and tweeted at Ross’ high school coach about the matter. The tweet below is our fan’s (@lstrick2525) original tweet followed by the coach’s (@pokesace) response.

The spelling of “waste” justifies a lot of things to me about my feelings towards recruiting.

Also, here’s a tweet from @lstrick2525 trying to convince Ross to stay with OSU a few days ago…

You know how awesome Twitter was during the Super Bowl blackout (and I would argue it’s never been better)?

This is the opposite of that.

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