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Oklahoma State football player accused of starving dogs



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

You know…I thought we could at least wait until hoops was over.

Apparently not.

The O’Colly has a story about Shamiel Gary starving two boxer dogs he owned.

I’ll let them take it from here — Lauren Brush was a neighbor of Gary’s and is the one accusing Gary of the neglect…

The alleged mistreatment started in October, when Brush said she tried to arrange play dates with her Great Dane puppy and his Boxer. While looking for the owner, Brush said she noticed the dog rarely had water or food and no access to a shelter outdoors. She called animal control at that time but did not hear a response, she said.

A few weeks later, she confronted Gary, 22, who denied the accusations, saying Brush was not accustomed to the appearance of Boxer dogs.

You should click on the post to see if that’s how Boxers are supposed to look. I say no.

Brush went on…

“That dog is days away from starving to death, maybe less if there is no water,” she said. “The vet students and I all think the dogs are only alive because the recent rains and snow gave the dogs some water. They were put in a yard and left to die.”


When asked for comment about the claims, OSU football media relations spokesman Gavin Lang directed questions to the OSU communications department.

For his part, Gary took to his Facebook page to dispute Brush’s accusations Tuesday afternoon, posting, “God bless this woman that lives behind me lol she is funny I don’t get it.”

Again, just click on the post, look at the pictures, and tell me who doesn’t get it.

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