Oklahoma State football player accused of starving dogs

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

You know…I thought we could at least wait until hoops was over.

Apparently not.

The O’Colly has a story about Shamiel Gary starving two boxer dogs he owned.

I’ll let them take it from here — Lauren Brush was a neighbor of Gary’s and is the one accusing Gary of the neglect…

The alleged mistreatment started in October, when Brush said she tried to arrange play dates with her Great Dane puppy and his Boxer. While looking for the owner, Brush said she noticed the dog rarely had water or food and no access to a shelter outdoors. She called animal control at that time but did not hear a response, she said.

A few weeks later, she confronted Gary, 22, who denied the accusations, saying Brush was not accustomed to the appearance of Boxer dogs.

You should click on the post to see if that’s how Boxers are supposed to look. I say no.

Brush went on…

“That dog is days away from starving to death, maybe less if there is no water,” she said. “The vet students and I all think the dogs are only alive because the recent rains and snow gave the dogs some water. They were put in a yard and left to die.”


When asked for comment about the claims, OSU football media relations spokesman Gavin Lang directed questions to the OSU communications department.

For his part, Gary took to his Facebook page to dispute Brush’s accusations Tuesday afternoon, posting, “God bless this woman that lives behind me lol she is funny I don’t get it.”

Again, just click on the post, look at the pictures, and tell me who doesn’t get it.

  • Chris

    It may not be intentional, but they’re starving. He may just be a dumba$$.

  • Katie

    Makes me sick. This is just another example of the fact we so often forget: these players are just immature stupid kids who happen to play sports well.

    • Cole

      There are numerous kids who think its a great idea in college to get a dog but then don’t have the time or maybe the will to properly care for it. Consider that before you set up shop on your soapbox. This has nothing with his ability to play sports well.

      • Cole, read every word in the sentence, in order, before you respond to someone.

        • David


        • Cole

          Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I will consider it with all future comments.

  • Tristan

    I have two female Boxers and I can promise you that neither dog should look like that . Sad day for Gary and even sadder day for his dogs.

  • Patty B

    I vote for charges and jail time. It’s not immaturity; it’s animal cruelty, which is inexcusable even for student athletes who seem to ‘not get’ a lot of things. Scumbag.

  • Gayle

    Omg, I have 2 Boxers and those pics make me sick. And so does his response to the situation .

  • Jheri Curl

    Feed and water your dogs or give them to someone who will take care of them. That one on the left is definitely malnourished. Sad cause this dude represents two of my alma maters!

  • Marc

    While definitely underfed, the picture isn’t great. Typically, Boxers, are pretty thin until they start to fill out between 18 months and 2 years. However, even from the crappy picture, you can tell they are malnourished. Pete, my youngest Boxer, is 6 months and he goes through those skinny times when he his a growth spurt, yet he has a RAVENOUS appetite, and well eat until you pull the bowl away.

  • Nando

    Instead of dogging Gary,why don’t you guys and gals offer some help for the dog and the student athlete

    • Jheri Curl

      He doesn’t seem to think there’s a problem as per his FB page, scroll down to where it says: God bless this woman…


  • Newbs

    No charges pressed yet? I’m guessing now that it’s in the paper there will be?
    Sorry, this is still America, and he is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Jay

    Jail Time? Are you serious? This is someone’s life. You want to take the dogs? Fine. You want to fine him? Fine. But jail time is overreaching and you know it. I detest animal cruelty, but no way am I going to ruin someone’s life over mistreated dogs.

  • Kdboydstun

    I personally know the dogs… Bailey and Bruno are their names. I’ve known them since Shamiel bought them. Ever since Shamiel bought the dogs he has currently spent hundreds of dollars of his own money trying to keep them healthy. The breeder of the dogs have him bailey with worms and mange which is why she lost her fur and got sick that she lost a lot of weight. He just recently got her healthy is trying to regain her weight. Why spend over $800 on a couple of dogs and let them die? Those of you who do not know the ACTUAL situation but want to voice facts about it anyway need to get a life. Bruno, the tan one is currently 1 yrs old and weighs 56 lbs according to the vet as of yesterday. Uhm I have a husky who is about two now and still weighs less than that. One year old dogs don’t grow body fat or put on size until at least 18 to 24 months. And bailey the smaller brindle Is thin because she has been sick with diseases she had prior to before Shamiel even owned her. She’s not even a year old!! I feel so bad for him right now none of you know him and yet you want to talk so much about how bad if a guy he is when he is one of the most giving and caring people I know. He does things for people he doesn’t even know because that’s just the person he is.

    • Jheri Curl

      I hope you’re right, I think the main concern is first for the dogs, and also for Shamiel because no one of us want to see him get into any trouble if the story is not as you say.

    • Kel

      I am so happy you stood up for this young man. I personally know him also and know in my heart that he would not do anything to hurt these two dogs. Before you guys start talking bad about somebody please get ALL the facts and look into the situation…many things go unseen. Again thank you for standing up for this young man.

    • Okieroper

      Hmmm. If even all you say is true, why was there never any water, or even bowls to hold water in the yard. For days, no one would enter the back yard. And there was no shelter whatsoever until the media was called, then only a small inadequate crate was put out. How do I know? Lauren’s my daughter & I’ve seen this for myself when I went to visit. And after she got no adequate response from talking to him, she did call the pound. There’s even more to this story than whats written. I have owned working dogs all my life, & can recognize an animal not being taken care of properly. And why do you suppose that, since OSU athletic dept. got involved, were the dogs not taken to the OSU vet clinic? It’s touted as having some of the best clinicians….That alone is odd. But the wagons were circled pretty quickly it seems, and now Lauren is just some overreacting girl that didn’t see what she saw for months on end. “You going to believe me or your lying eyes?” —is the phrase that comes to mind. If these dogs were owned by an ordinary person, the attention would be on the dogs. Now, go on and tell me that football isn’t a god.

  • Taylor

    As someone who has worked in animal welfare and continues to volunteer for a humane society, I think the assessment that these dogs are “starving” is really misguided. Underweight? Definitely. But underweight doesn’t equal abuse. High energy dogs, like boxers, often have a hard time maintaining weight until they age and calm down, sort of like high energy people. Also, if the person commenting is telling the truth, intestinal worms would definitely exacerbate the situation. I’m not saying Gary is innocent or guilty, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that these dogs are not “near death”. Personally, I wish he would bring them inside or provide shelter outside, but unfortunately the cultural notion of big dogs as “outdoor dogs” is very pervasive in our society. In the end, the appropriate authorities will determine if they’ve been abused. If he is found guilty, Gary will probably get a fine.

  • melis

    I don’t think this young kid is able to take care of animals properly and there is probably a some of neglect , i mean no shelter outside? it is cold out dude! if you do not have time to take care of something give them to someone who does. i do not know if they are to the point of death, but they do need to be given proper care and shelter. Don’t get pets if cannot provide good living conditions. wish everyone would do this.
    this is really bad publicity for OSU and the football program for sure even if not total truth his comment on it makes him look bad and uncaring. should have told what what going on not be a smart mouth about it, this DOES make him look like a jerk. bad choice of smarty comment Mr Gary, made me think of you in a bad way regardless of if the story is true or not, hummm,reminds me of that “Vick” dog fighting football guy he destroyed his image this may haunt you in career too.

  • Newbs

    I hope what Kdboyston says is true. Samantha Vicent strikes again!!!