Oklahoma State gets new baseball hats

Written by Kyle Porter

According to graduate assistant Steve Sabins’ Twitter feed, OSU is debuting these new hats for the 2013 baseball season.

I don’t hate them…

…but I don’t love them like I loved these uniforms from last year.

My favorite hats of all time are the Gary Ward-era ones that everyone thinks is the Oregon State logo, whose current logo is now posing as the old OSU logo (confused yet?).

Anyway I posted a picture of that hat below. I also liked the orange/black/white pinwheel one with the “O” instead of the Pete.

The Phantom Pete hat is not a good idea.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 12.58.04 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 12.59.42 PM

  • Chris

    The black Pete is just awful and it looked stupid on the singlets too. Ohh, a menacing cartoon Cowboy! It needs to go the way of the flaming OSU.

    The interlocking OS is fantastic and needs to come back.

    • Chad


    • Beavs

      Umm… No… the OS is now for Oregon State University ONLY.. as Oklahoma State had a major meltdown over Oregon State using the OSU logo, (Which they had used for decades upon decades) and made them quit using it. The interlocking OS is a logo that is only for Oregon State now and Oklahoma State is not allowed to use it. I’d love to see what the Beavs do now that they are sportin’ these hats on their baseball team! Karma Cowboys!

  • Lee

    I own your favorite hat of all time

    • Cowboysig

      me too and it will always be the favorite and best!

  • Jheri Curl

    Those plain O caps stink! I don’t think that logo should ever be used for any Ok State sports teams. The oSu brand would always be better than that big O. Those two Pistol Pete caps are nice though.

  • Are the new hats still TPX?

  • Turrrible. I’m with Kyle, bring back the interlocking OS.

  • Nate with a blue checkmark

    Well, when the only funding you get is for uniforms…this is what you get. Hey, but Holder mentioned baseball stadium in his rambling on big video boards.

  • Nivek Sucrab

    Hate the black hat, first glance I think I’m at a Sperry Pirates high school baseball game. Love the last two just wish they would keep last years hat in the rotation!

    • Jheri Curl

      Nivek: What do you have against Sperry? Team BUNDY! ; )

  • OSUMike1965

    Me three except mine has a white crown, orange holes, orange top button, & orange bill with green under. It is one of my very favorites. I love the phanton Pete and have a Nike version with no white background. A large phantom Pete would have looked great on the new orange football helmets

  • Are these hats for sale anywhere? Or do you have to be the brother of the coach to get one?

  • Mark

    The End Zone (just west of EJs) has all of the versions. I’ve also heard that DuPrees on the strip has some but I can’t personally confirm that. I attended the double-header against Iona last weekend, thats when I picked them up. I wasn’t keen to the phantom Pete until I saw it in person and tried it on. Now I dig it. I got the phantom Pete, orange/black/white Pete and old-school interlocking OS. (Pretty sure we had it before Oregon state and it was our ONLY design for most of the better part of two decades). In addition, oregon state uses a completely different font on their hats. I’ve always hated the single “O” design, to me it symbolizes a dark decade of a proud program. The new hats are all manufactured by The Game, all versions have quality embroidery (no iron on patches or the like), they are all 95% polyester and 5% spandex. All versions have The Game logo embroidered on the left side of the hat (about 3/4″ square) and have a gray under-bill.