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Oklahoma State Is 5-1 Favorite To Win Conference, 66-1 To Win It All



In the individual games that were released recently, it didn’t appear that Oklahoma State was receiving a whole lot of love from Vegas. The Cowboys are underdogs to Baylor, TCU, Texas, OU and West Virginia and only favored against Kansas State.

When you look at overall Big 12 odds, though, OSU gets some respect, albeit in a backhanded way. Being a 5-1 favorite to win your conference is a nice compliment (others at that number or worse: Wisconsin, Georgia, UCLA and LSU), but being behind OU? Come on.

Odds to win Big 12
TCU  2-1
Baylor  5-2
Oklahoma  4-1
Oklahoma St.  5-1
Texas  7-1
Kansas St.  10-1
W. Virginia  15-1
Texas Tech  20-1
Iowa State  25-1
Kansas  100-1

Additionally, lines on the 2016 national title are out there and OSU is 66-1, according to Bovada.

Odds to win title
Ohio State 13-4
Alabama 15-2
Auburn 9-1
TCU 10-1
Florida State 16-1
Notre Dame 18-1
USC 18-1
Baylor 20-1
Clemson 22-1
Georgia 25-1
Michigan State 25-1
Oklahoma 25-1
Oregon 25-1
LSU 28-1
Stanford 33-1
Texas A&M 33-1
UCLA 33-1
Michigan 40-1
Mississippi 40-1
Arkansas 50-1
Arizona State 66-1
Florida 66-1
Mississippi State 66-1
Nebraska 66-1
Oklahoma State 66-1
Tennessee 66-1
Texas 66-1
Miami 75-1
Wisconsin 75-1

I am not biased in any sense of the word, but that seems like a really good number for OSU. That feels like what it’s been for the last few years, and if Mason Rudolph is to be believed, Oklahoma State is going to be much better this time around.

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