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Oklahoma State picked to win the Big 12

OSU was picked by the media to win the Big 12 in 2013 and got twice as many first place votes as any other team.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Oklahoma State is the preseason pick to win the Big 12 for the first time ever.[1. OSU was picked third in 2011 when it won. OU first, A&M second.]

[breathes into brown paper bag]

Ok, here’s a look at the voting (first place votes in parentheses):

1. Oklahoma State (15) – 365
2. Okahoma (8) – 355
3. TCU (9) – 347
4. Texas (8) – 337
5. Baylor (2) – 282
6. K-State (1) – 240
7. Texas Tech – 161
8. West Virginia – 126
9. Iowa State – 96
10. Kansas – 56

I have pretty much zero confidence in any of the rankings other than Kansas finishing last, that’s it. Nobody else does either as you can tell with the top four teams being within 30 points of each other.[1. I actually think Baylor is going to finish in the top four.]

As a contrast to this parity (or perceived parity) OU got 396 points last year, WVU got 339, and nobody else got over 300.[1. You get 10 points for a first place vote, nine for second…and so on. There are 43 voters so perfect score is 430.]

I’ll probably put my preseason picks out next week (I know you’re on the edge of your seat) but I can’t really disagree with any of these. I don’t love TCU getting the second most first place votes, heck, I don’t love OSU getting nearly twice as many first place votes as any other team but I guess you have to give them to somebody.

The OSU pick is fair, I guess (we still don’t “officially” have a quarterback) and you kind of knew it was coming, but it still doesn’t make me any less nervous.

I’m surprised Texas wasn’t picked higher than 4th — not that they should be, just that the infatuation with the white and burnt orange seems to know no bounds, even those regarding not having a viable quarterback since Colt McCoy twisted up that shoulder in the Rose Bowl over three years ago.

All things considered, a very fair poll.

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